Ankylosaurus & Geosternbergia Join The Hammond Collection in Latest Beyond The Gates Episode!

Mattel’s Hammond Collection has grown rapidly this year, with last month’s episode of Beyond The Gates introducing The Lost World’s Pachycephalosaurus, and Jurassic Park’s Ray Arnold to the adult-collector line.

This month, the Hammond Collection grows once again with two new items: Jurassic Park 3’s Ankylosaurus, and the concept creature considered for The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the Geosternbergia! Check out the unveiling below:

In this episode, host Chris is joined by Mattel’s lead designer on the Hammond Collection Gregory Murphy, who runs us through the intricate and detailed design process that goes into making these two new items.

Greg explores the reasons behind the decision to include the Geosternbergia in the Hammond Collection, and gives us a detailed run-down of the species’ existence in Jurassic Park lore!

These two items are wonderful and unique additions to Mattel’s Hammond Collection – be sure to check out the full episode for a deeper look and insight into the making of these Jurassic Park toys!

Did you expect to see these two species join Mattel’s line-up? Share your thoughts down below!

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