Universal Studios Japan Announces New Parade Featuring Jurassic World!

When it comes to Jurassic Park, Universal Studios Japan gets all the good stuff. Their dinosaurs look more accurate to the films, their encounters are more robust, and their rides are newer, with more variety. So it comes as no surprise that Universal Studios Japan is getting an epic new parade with Jurassic World as a headliner. While details are still few, the piece of key art released paints an exciting picture.

Read the first details about the Universal Spectacle Night Parade in the press release below!

Universal Studios Japan will introduce a new large-scale project in 2018, the world’s first next-generation parade, “Universal Spectacle Night Parade – Best of Hollywood”, which will revolutionize the traditional experience.

Universal Studios Japan continues to invest in new experience to bring park guests innovative entertainment.

The “Universal Spectacle Night Parade – Best of Hollywood” will celebrate 4 of Hollywood’s most fan favorite films, including “Harry Potter” “Minions,” “Jurassic World”, and making their Park debut in the parade “Transformers”, the born-in- Japan entertainment brand with its popular toys, games, animation and feature films.

J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World and its captivating magic, the Illimination’s “Minions” and their mayhem, theenormous robots “Transformers”, and the realism of the “Jurassic World” dinosaurs come together to be recreated in a continually changing entertainment spectacle. Park guests will be completely enveloped and fully immersed in this brand-new and continually changing entertainment, which far surpasses the traditional theme park parade experience.

The impossible is made possible with perfect synchronization of projection mapping, which completely cover the surroundings, floats incorporating dynamic movements, high quality film lighting, sweeping cinematic score and performances by live entertainers through the use of “Show Orchestration,” an outstanding technology specially developed by Universal Creative.

Followers of our website will no doubt recognize that Tyrannosaurus Rex render as one of the new pieces of key art being circulated for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom – and yes, it appears that the second T.rex in the background is another new render from the upcoming sequel. More eagle eyed readers may also recognize the rocky mountain in the backdrop from the early ‘JW2’ licensing expo banners spotted earlier this year. The red glow from behind also seems to be a hint of volcanic activity, which may well factor into the parade itself.

Considering that they keyart heavily borrows from the upcoming sequel, it is very possible the events showcased in the parade are inspired by Fallen Kingdom. Could that mean a Tyrannosaurus chasing a Gyropshere scene will be featured – or is that simply creative liberty taken while creating the parade? Time will tell!

The final key note of importance is this is the first time the parks have used the branding of ‘Jurassic World’ rather than ‘Jurassic Park’. While it’s only for a parade at this time, it may be a sign of future things to come.

Are you excited for the new parade – and do you hope it comes to the other Universal parks, such at the one in Florida? Sound off in the comments below, and let us know. As always, stay tuned for all of the latest news!

Special thanks to @thepastrypossum on Twitter for the heads up!

Source: Universal Studios Japan

Jeff Goldblum Confirms His Role in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is Relatively Small

Touring the press outlets for his new film Thor: Ragnarok, Jeff Goldblum is undoubtedly being asked about his upcoming role in the Jurassic World sequel, Fallen Kingdom.

While none of the cast are able to reveal too much about the film (too much = anything), Jeff did reveal the size of his role in a reply to my question submitted to the Empire writer, Nick de Semlyen.

“It’s small… who knows, they may cut me out entirely! But if I stay in I’ll be a sprig of parsley or a little garnish, hopefully with some impact!”

While he was no doubt joking about potentially being cut out of the movie (fear not, Malcolm’s in), it was a little bit disappointing to hear that his role is small. While I don’t expect Ian Malcolm to be running around the islands anymore, I was hoping for his character to have a more prominent role, almost in an effort to return the franchise to its thematic roots.

Listen to the whole interview below – the questions begin at 14:13

In what capacity do you think Ian Malcolm will appear in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? For whatever reason, I can’t help but think we’ll be seeing him in the third act only, potentially establishing the return of more characters in the third film.

We can assume the ending of Fallen Kingdom is going to feel like one big setup for the third movie, and while that’s expected in this day and age of blockbusters, I do hope Malcolm is given proper treatment.

His character’s change from Jurassic Park to The Lost World is memorable and to me, one of the most important takeaways from the 1997 follow-up. Director Steven Spielberg executed his character’s progression perfectly – and logically. After what they saw and experienced on Isla Nublar, having Malcolm return as a cooky, sleazy theorist wouldn’t work. His experiences shifted him, changed him.

It’s exciting to think about how Malcolm has changed since 1997 – and what his views on Jurassic World are. For some reason, I don’t think he’s a fan…

Huge thanks to Nick at Empire for getting my question in there! Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Empire

First LEGO Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Set Descriptions! (Possible Spoilers)

Hold on to your bricks – and while we think this article is free from any real spoilers, take a potential spoiler warningjust in case.

Earlier today, LEGO fansite Bouw Steentjes shared the first details and descriptions of some of the upcoming Fallen Kingdom sets. They based their descriptions off of alleged images, but did not post the pictures themselves – as such, an appropriate level of skepticism should be applied, but it does align with what we’re hearing.

We previously reported there would be at least 10 sets, and now have descriptions for four of them from the main line – as of now no additional information is available about the DUPLO or Junior sets. As the original post was in Dutch, Twitter user Arjan Bos was nice enough to provide a translation:

LEGO Set # 75926:

A set containing a blue-grey 4×4 vehicle with a Pteranodon. There is one minifig in the set.
Priced 24.99 EUR

LEGO Set # 75927:

Looks like the Jurassic World Raptor escape. The difference is that the set looks more like a residence instead of a cage. The walls are high and there’s some kind of stage on which a minifig can stand. Looks like it only contains one raptor and two minifigs in the set.
Priced 39.99 EUR

LEGO Set # 75928:

A set with a helicopter, which, from what we can take from the picture, can capture a dinosaur from the air. The dino most likely being a raptor. Also a small vehice is included, probably a quad. Number of minifigs unknown.
Priced 59.99 EUR

LEGO Set # 75929:

This is a more expensive set, containing a big transport truck, like seen in 75917 Raptor Rampage, a gyrosphere, a tower with grapple hook and a T-Rex. The number of minifigs is uncertain, but it looks to be 4.
Priced 79.99 EUR

Pteranodons, Velociraptors, and Tyrannosaurs – oh my! While the descriptions leave a lot to the imagination, they do seem to be in theme with what we know about the latest Jurassic Park film. Namely, dinosaur capture/rescue operations. We’re sure one of the Velocirators will be Blue, but are certainly curious about the others! The LEGO Jurassic World 2018 lineup hits shelves April 16th, and is expected to be unveiled at the New York Toy Fair in February.

Finally, while not LEGO related, we have a small picture update of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom promotional displays (shoutout to Fede on Twitter for the heads up!). Shared by JPItalia on Facebook, these images come straight from a licensing expo in China. While many of the assets are recycled, we have a good look at the new CG model for Blue and “Roberta” (the original Jurassic Park T.rex)

Check out the rest of the images at the link!

Stay tuned – if we see the LEGO images ourselves we’ll update the article with more detailed, accurate descriptions. As always sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you want from the Fallen Kingdom LEGO sets!

Huge thanks again to Arjan Bos for helping with the Lego news translation!

Source: bouwsteentjes.info , JPItalia

Jeff Goldblum Gives New Updates About the Return of Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom!

In a new interview with Radio Times, Jurassic Park’s Jeff Goldblum shared some information on what we may expect from the return of his character, Ian Malcolm, in the upcoming fifth Jurassic film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. While he definitely does not want to spoil anything about the film, he did say this:

“Ian Malcolm, yes might be back in this one, and he might have something to say about the current confluence of circumstances around the use and misuse of technology. With some irony, deep wise passionate conviction……”

Goldblum also teases that Malcolm might again be wearing some dark clothing and tinted glasses. Of course the entire interview is it a bit humorous in nature – though his wardrobe hints come as no surprise to fans. Did you pick up how he changed his voice to sound more Malcolm-like when talking about his role? His words hint at a return to form for his character, possibly straying away from his personalty shift seen in The Lost World.

Finally, while not saying much, Colin Trevorrow has broken the recent trend of silence, offering a hint of an update:

What do you think of the new comments Jeff Goldblum made about the return of his iconic character Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums!

Source: Radio Times

Official One Pager Suggests Jake Johnson Reprising Role in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom!

UPDATE: Universal Pictures replied to our inquiry, stating that Jake Johnson’s inclusion was a “typo” and have revised the document to remove him. While there is enough ambiguity in their reply to allow room for his return, I’m not personally holding my breath. However, it was recently pointed out that he was also included as part of the cast in the Jurassic World Evolution press release from Frontier Developments in August.

It sounds like Jake Johnson will be sitting Fallen Kingdom out, but I suppose this mystery won’t be truly solved until June 2018. Original article below:

Cutting straight to the chase – this is odd. Earlier today, Universal Pictures uploaded a new “One Pager” to press asset website EPK.TV. This document, embedded below, contains the same information released when Fallen Kingdom’s title and poster were released – with one caveat. The document has Jake Johnson listed as a cast member.

Jake Johnson of course played the fan favorite control room technician, Lowery, who had an affinity for collectibles and sarcasm. There is a part of me who wants to see Lowery return, though that is mostly driven by my liking of Jake Johnson in almost every role he has played. The other part of me is worried it may feel too forced – I’m a fan of letting new characters thrive in sequels, while not getting bogged down with writing every fan favorite back in.

[pdf-embedder url=”http://jurassicoutpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/jurassic-world-fallen-kingdom-jurassic1.pdf”]

Of course, as stated prior, this whole thing is odd. Prior to this press release, which technically contains nothing new other than Jake Johnson’s inclusion, we have heard nothing about his involvement with the film. It is very possible his inclusion is an error on Universal’s part, and Jake Johnson has not returned in Fallen Kingdom. Conversely, if true, this is perhaps the strangest way to ‘announce’ his involvement – normally more fanfare is included, or at the very least, a trade like Variety or The Hollywood Reporter breaks the news.

Stay tuned – we’re going to dig into this and find out definitively if Jake Johnson has returned in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. Perhaps he simply has a small cameo role, like many returning cast members in the Jurassic Park sequels had.

Do you want to see Jake Johnson return in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: EPK.TV

Rafe Spall Reveals His Character Name in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Universal Pictures have a tight grip on the Jurassic franchise. While other studios overload audiences with marketing for a blockbuster months (if not years) ahead of the release, Universal like to keep things quiet, and this policy extends to the cast and crew who are contractually obliged to not share details about the film.

This is nothing new for Jurassic fans and stories of script security and news embargoes stretch way back. Today, in an interview with HeyUGuys and while promoting his new movie The Ritual, British actor Rafe Spall revealed one tidbit from the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. He revealed his character name, previously understood to be ‘Mills’.

In the interview below, while immediately prefacing what he says by saying he has no idea what he can say, he praises director J.A. Bayona and the script itself which has been penned by Colin Trevorrow and Derek Connolly. Watch the interview below (starting at 04:31):

Rafe’s co-star Bryce Dallas Howard previous revealed to the interviewer that the script for Fallen Kingdom is “one of the best” she’s ever read.

Rafe reveals that his character name is Eli Mills, and is present throughout the whole movie. He believes it to be a really great part and he enjoyed filming.

In another interview with the Metro, the actor shared his thoughts on working with animatronic dinosaurs on set, claiming it was “freaky and wonderful” to work with such prosthetic beasts. According to the article, he wasn’t clear on how the filming process would work when he stepped on set but was delighted to discover that many of the dinos were operated by puppeteers.” He went on to say:

“Acting with the dinosaurs was really special. There were puppeteers underneath the sound stage who were operating them and they would have a camera down there so they could see who was approaching. It was freaky and wonderful.”

Animatonic dinosaurs are nothing new to the franchise, but the production of Jurassic World unfortunately only had one animatronic on set. Writer/Producer Colin Trevorrow revealed to us that animatronics were making a comeback in the sequel so it’s great to hear that cast members had many interactions with them on set.

Thanks to Brycen for sending the video our way! Also thank to Fede on Twitter for the heads up.

New Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Banner Premieres at Brand Licensing Expo

The marketing campaign for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is finally kicking into gear. Last night Universal Pictures held private parties to kick off BLE 2017 celebrating their numerous brands and upcoming films, Jurassic World being one of them. These parties were held at the Aqua Kyoto and London Palladium, both in London. Word is both Colin Trevorrow and Bryce Dallas Howard made a surprise visit, and one would presume showed off footage from the latest sequel, perhaps even an early cut of the trailer – however, that was all behind closed doors, and will remain a mystery.

Thankfully, the public show floor of Brand Licensing Europe in the Olympia London has been decked out with Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom displays, and we can take a look in all its glory!

The incredible promotional banner above comes courtesy of @MegaPowerBrasil on Twitter, and features a great look at the new Fallen Kingdom Tyrannosaurus Rex and Blue. While the image of Owen is a cool inclusion, it’s actually a picure from the first Jurassic World, reused in this new banner. Odds are if a similar banner hits theaters, it will feature Owen in his new Fallen Kingdom costume instead.

This isn’t the first time we have seen that Tyrannosaurus render – it’s been spotted on recent merchandise items from catalogs that we previously reported on. However, this is certainly our best look at it – and look at all that detail! It seems Universal is also offering a photo-op with the keyart via a green screen, which is demonstrated by this post on Instagram:

That background is looking quite ominous and volcanic. Speaking of which, another trade show recently occurred, and while no images surfaced from the show floor, this post did surface via Karton PP. There is no mistaking that artwork as anything but an erupting volcano!

Digression aside, we’re not done with what BLE 2017 has to offer. Universal’s booth features another Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom display, and this one is epic. Universal Pictures have offered a very cool photo opportunity, recreating a small diorama of the first promotional still from the film, bringing in a large Ceratopsian skull for maximum wow factor!

What’s curious, is the skull is different than the one on display in the official still – while that one was a “Fake-a-saurus” version of Triceratops, this seems to very much be a real dinosaur, perhaps a Pentaceratops. Did they change the skull on display in the film – or was that unique skull simply not available to put on display? Either way, this is a very cool setup and I would love to see this used widespread as a promotional standee. The photo-op potential is fantastic!

Of course, as of now no new Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Merchandise has been revealed, nor has anything for Jurassic Park 25th anniversary. However, Universal just announced they are partnering with Funko, Build a Bear, and many other vendors for the Jurassic brand, and it’s quite possible Brand Licensing Europe may still bring an official first look.

Stay tuned for the latest news, and as always, let us know what you think in the comments below!

Source: @MegaPowerBrasil

Universal Announces New Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom License Partners Including Funko and More!

Universal Pictures announced new license partners and further elaborated on their plans for Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom at Brand Licensing Europe 2017 today. While it was announced last year that Mattel had acquired the master license from Hasbro, LEGO maintaining their involvement was only corroborated by leaks, but this press release confirmed that and much more.

Most excitingly, the announcement confirmed the addition of FUNKO as a partner. Yes, it seems likely Jurassic Park Pop! Vinyls are on their way. Read the press release below (Via Toynews-Online):

Universal Brand Development has announced the global merchandising program for Jurassic Word sequel, The Fallen Kingdom, with toys hitting retail in Spring 2018.

Master global toy partner Mattel and LEGO Systems will lead the retail roll-out with toys across a variety of play patterns and age segments, additional toy, role play and costume licensees supporting the second film include Funko, Build-A-Bear, Rubies, Wowee and more.

“The Jurassic World franchise has always had huge cross-generational family appeal, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom promises to be one of the biggest movie and merchandising events of 2018,” said Vince Klaseus, president of Universal Brand Development.

“Following the success of 2015, we’ve been hard at work to build out the largest Jurassic World program to-date to meet the increasing demands from fans, as well as reach new audiences around the world – demonstrating the global appeal of this 365 mega-franchise.”

Master global toy partner Mattel and LEGO Systems will lead the retail roll-out with toys across a variety of play patterns and age segments, additional toy, role play and costume licensees supporting the second film include Funko, Build-A-Bear, Rubies, Wowee and more.

“This will be a focused UK campaign with opportunities to maximise the popularity of the franchise throughout 2018, starting with a focus on the classic movie and moving into activity for the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, followed by back to school and subsequently the DVD release,” said Hannah Mungo, country director UK & Ireland Consumer Products at NBC Universal Brand Development.

Toynews International also covered the announcement, providing further details:

Other multi-tiered and cross-category licensees involve Apparel and home/décor (H&M, Freeze, 5th Sun, Issac Morris, GBG, Fast Forward and Franco), Food, beauty and stationary/expressions (Kelloggs, Ferrero, Jelly Belly, PEZ, GBG Beauty, Party City, Innovative Designs, DecoPac and American Greetings) and Gaming and digital – [including the] recently debuted Jurassic World Evolution from Frontier Development, with additional gaming titles and platforms from other partners to be announced soon

Yes, you read that right – additional gaming titles will be announced soon! Could the long anticipated, on-again off-again, Jurassic World Survivor still be extant and waiting to be announced? Time will tell! As for the other brands, Kellogs is making a return, so expect more fruit snacks – and of course Fifth Sun will continue to bring fun Jurassic graphic tee’s to market. We previously covered PEZ as a partner, but it’s great to see some official recognition within this information drop.

Overall, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is shaping up to be a huge global event that will bring tons of cool products to store shelves and our homes. You better start saving money, because between Mattel, LEGO, and now Funko, it will be hard to do anything but spare no expense. Don’t think you have much time to save either – while Fallen Kingdom merch hits shelves April 16th, Jurassic Park 25th anniversary will likely kick off this January!

Funko Pop Stranger Things assortment

Stay tuned: today marks the first day of BLE 2017, and it’s possible some of these great new products may be on display and announced as the show kicks off! And as always, be sure to sound off in the comments below and let us know what you want to see from new partners such as Funko!

Source: Toynewsi, Toynews-online

All the Dinosaurs Revealed in Jurassic World Evolution So Far

You’ve no doubt seen the trailers, and read the latest gameplay details for Jurassic World Evolution – but just what dinosaurs were on display, and what can we glean from their visual depiction? Take a walk through the park and learn all about the dinosaurs in the upcoming Jurassic World game – did you spot them all?


First seen in Jurassic Park 3, this iconic armored herbivore received a makeover for Jurassic World. The version on display in Evolution reflects the latest design, and it remains unseen if the Jurassic Park iteration will also make an appearance.


First introduced in Jurassic World, this Sauropod grows up to 90 feet long and tends to travel in herds with various other herbivore dinosaurs. While the Apatosaurus was not in the in-game trailer, it was part of the CG announcement.


The iconic gentle giant of Jurassic Park returns in her original glory. The most recognizable Sauropod of the franchise towers over the other animals of park, reaching heights well over 30 feet. Brachiosaurus was absent in the fourth Jurassic film, and while it made an appearance in Jurassic Park 3, it looked quite different.


Blink and you’ll miss it! Did you catch the third Sauropod featured in Jurassic World Evolution? Unlike the other two, Camarasaurus has never been featured in a Jurassic Park film, however it did make an appearance in Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. As such, we know little about this dinosaur – it seems to be taller than an Apatosaurus, but much shorter than a Brachiosaurus. Though it sports a similar look to the latter dinosaur, it has a distinctive dewlap under the throat.

Note: the exact species remains unconfirmed, but visual evidence supports the our indentification.


Perhaps the most consistent design in the Jurassic Park franchise, the Parasaurlophus sports the look seen in The Lost World and Jurassic World. Parasaurlophus has appeared in every film in the franchise so far.


The Stegosaurus has returned! While it was first introduced in The Lost World, the version in the game features the controversial Jurassic World redesign with a drooping tail and beakless mouth.


Beautiful, majestic, dangerous. Triceratops has been seen in every Jurassic film, and while it did see design changes in Jurassic World, it has remained mostly visually consistent. The design in Evolution seems to pull from the 3D model of Jurassic World, while borrowing the colors of Jurassic Park. Triceratops is expected to return in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom sporting this design.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The panel featured “Rexy” in render form, the iconic T.rex from both Jurassic Park and Jurassic World in all her glory. However, the trailer design seems to stray from both films, featuring deeper and more pronounced scales and scutes, but her skeletal structure borrows from the Jurassic World redesign.

One would be forgiven in thinking this design was not “Rexy”, but a brand new variant if it weren’t for the clear identifying scars she has received from fighting the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park. Perhaps the render and trailer Tyrannosaurs are different variants? It is also worth noting that neither the render nor trailer feature movie accurate colors.


The Velociraptors seen in the Jurassic World Evolution trailer are probably the most interesting visual depictions – the Velociraptors of the Jurassic Park franchise have been the most varied, and arguably, the most iconic. Jurassic Park introduced the first female version, with their male tiger striped counterparts appearing alongside them in The Lost World. Jurassic Park 3 featured a separate ‘tribe’ of Raptors, with the quilled and stripped males, and beige colored females. Jurassic World featured 4 unique Velociraptors: Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo.

While the raptors in Evolution seem to reflect the design of Delta, we have been told they are actually unique and not indicative of any of the ‘characters’ from Jurassic World. It’s been hinted the design may vary by how you excavate and reassemble the DNA – however, could this green look be indicative of the Raptors in Fallen Kingdom?

Be sure to check out our comprehensive breakdown of the Jurassic World gameplay, watch the trailer, and view the glorious direct feed screenshots here!

Stay tuned – we’ve partnered with The Gaming Beaver to bring you news direct from Frontier Expo, and will have an developer interview video in the coming days.

First In-Game Jurassic World Evolution Footage Roars Online!

Welcome to Isla Matanceros

Jurassic World Evolution takes place among the Muertes Archipelago, aka The Five Deaths – as well as the iconic Isla Nublar. Frontier Developments lifted the veil on Jurassic World Evolution at Frontier Expo, talking the exciting gameplay mechanics, showing off screenshots, and shared footage from the game set on the aforementioned Isla Matanceros!

Check out the trailer below and read on for the very exciting details:

The game looks absolutely beautiful – and the way you play it sounds incredibly exciting. Frontier Developments wanted to capture the themes of Jurassic Park, and as such, have three different ongoing mission contracts: Entertainment, Security, and Science. Each of these contracts come from characters who want different things from the park, and while you can work for all three and achieve balance, you can also choose to allocate your resources to one singular playstyle.

Entertainment is all about embracing the dream of John Hammond, and is all about achieving a sense of wonder in the park. Security is risk/reward system all about making the most dangerous dinosaurs possible, and containing them appropriately. Finally, science is nature: understanding the dinosaurs as they were, and letting life find a way.

Managing the park is marked with unique challenges: dinosaurs can get sick, they can breakout, and they can kill one another. You are left managing a living breathing ecosystem that constantly evolves as you play. Many environmental factors come into play: each island offers a unique ecosystem, and much like Jurassic Park, factors such as dangerous storms can threaten the park and offer fun gameplay challenges.

Jurassic World Evolution has a deep lore system, which plays into the “InGen Database” above. Every detail has been carefully researched, and will lead to an experience super fans are sure to love. Choose and learn about your digsites for Dino DNA, raise the dinosaurs from the incubation stage, and dive deep into the science. Gameplay and and story interweave organically in Jurassic World Evolution.

Frontier Developments have worked closely with Universal Pictures to ensure entirely accurate Jurassic World dinosaurs – and as such have been given access to the ILM 3D files and simply altered their level of detail to work in their gameplay engine! It certainly shows in phenomenal renders above – it’s great to finally see a high budget Jurassic game with film accurate dinosaurs.

Stay tuned for more! We have teamed up with The Gaming Beaver who is at Frontier Expo right now, and will be bring us unique video content from the show floor! This article will be updated with more precisie details and high-res screen shots as they are available.

Jurassic World Evolution releases Summer 2018 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.