An Exclusive Jurassic Park: Survival Update from IGN

The upcoming video game Jurassic Park: Survival is in active development, and this week IGN got an exclusive look at the game and unveiled some brand new concept art and in-game screenshots! Their exclusive reveal also included new information about the game plus some hints at the plot, characters, dinosaurs and a whole lot more.

A summary of the new information shared by IGN:

  • Jurassic Park: Survival will unfortunately not be released in 2024
  • Brand new locations will feature that weren’t seen in the original movie
  • Maya Joshi won’t be the only character in this game
  • There is a chance that non-movie dinosaurs will feature
  • Jurassic Park is Universal’s “most requested game”

With many a tease leading up to Summer Game Fest, Jurassic Park: Survival was expected to make an appearance – with most of us assuming a new trailer would play during the Xbox portion of the event. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be, but thanks to an IGN exclusive on the anniversary of Jurassic Park’s release, we have a new behind-the-scenes look at the game.

Included within the update was concept art that shows us new areas of the island that we might be able to explore. Also included were some new in-game screenshots – a first for this title. It’s important to mention that concept art doesn’t confirm it will appear in the game, but it’s a pretty good sign that it might.

The first piece of concept art shows us an InGen building marked A1, a sort-of bunker and the Communications tower on Isla Nublar. A Jurassic Park staff jeep is parked outside, the doors wide open. A beautiful rainy night captures the island we know so perfectly, this must be the night of the storm…

You might recognize this building as the one from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! It’s the radio tower bunker that was first featured in that movie. The structure itself – built on Kualoa Ranch in Oahu – was part of the original Jurassic Park, but repurposed by Jurassic World staff to track the islands’ dinosaurs.

What we are now seeing is that same – or what we assume is the same – dilapidated radio tower, but back in its prime at Jurassic Park in 1993. This is pretty damn cool and for fans of Fallen Kingdom, an awesome way to connect the two movies.

Next up is an even cooler piece that will resonate with most fans: Maya Joshi rushing down the river in a yellow dinghy being pursued by two raptors.

A scene originally planned for the first movie and similar to moments in the first novel featuring Dr. Grant, Tim, and Lex navigating down the river while being pursued by a T. rex. The scene never made it to production but Jurassic Park: Survival represents the perfect opportunity to bring it to life. Just the thought of having to navigate a boat of some kind down this river while being pursued by the escaped dinosaurs of Jurassic Park is very exciting.

IGN also shared a few in-game screenshots from the Alpha stage of development.

We see the tropical jungle of Nublar and a stealthily approaching T. rex, three Velociraptors stalking in the night, seemingly as a pack, and then something different – the theatre. The rotating theatre from Jurassic Park in which multiple John Hammonds and Mr. DNA explain InGen’s miracle of dinosaur cloning.

We knew as much but now we see it, in-game: We will be able to walk through the Visitors Center’s many buildings and attractions. This is a fantastic aspect of this game, and is something fans have wanted since the movie was released!

These updates didn’t make everyone happy – the anticipation for a new trailer was real, but this establishes something important. The game might not be as far along as we all thought, and that is okay. More time for the game to be the best it can be is a good thing.

But the game still looks promising, and is still promising to deliver all of the things that Jurassic fans have wanted for a long time, as IGN details in their article.

While there is a lot to unpack, the information they’ve shared is all positive and it’s hard not to remain excited. We wish they could have confirmed whether or not the game will be open world, but either way it sounds like survival will be the key, as the name implies. Here’s hoping Alien: Isolation is an inspiration for them.

Saber has a lot to live up to with how long for this type of Jurassic Park game to come to fruition, and they surely understand that. That being said, let’s not push and let’s not force them in any way to rush because this game deserves the time to develop correctly. Wherever they are in the development phase right now, the first trailer holds a lot of promises for what Survival is going to be. It makes sense that the development is still going to take a while. The game will not be out in 2024, that much we know. It’s more than likely now going to be late 2025 or sometime in 2026.

But we’ll have plenty of new Jurassic to consume between now and then!

This tease from IGN was awesome, and as much as it feels like a bit of a response to the lack of appearance at Game Fest, it’s exciting just to hear and see more about the game! It’s in development, it’s on track, and it’s looking great!

Sort of brings to mind the kind of updates we got for… Jurassic Park: Survival… back in the day…

How excited are you to play this video game and what did you think about this update? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more news!

Mahershala Ali and Luna Blaise In Talks for Key Roles In Jurassic World 4

The casting news for Gareth Edwards’ upcoming Jurassic World 4 continues to roll in: Actors Mahershala Ali and Luna Blaise are in talks for key roles in the film according to The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline Hollywood!

Mahershala Ali and Luna Blaise are both talented dramatic actors who have been a part of numerous interesting projects. Ali is perhaps best known for Moonlight and True Detective, and has also recently starred in Leave the World Behind and the Spider-Verse series. Blaise is best known for her work in the television series Manifest as well as her work in Fresh Off The Boat and Memoria.

Blaise shared the news via her instagram account:

What are your thoughts about the latest casting news, and who do you think these characters will be in the next Jurassic? Let us know in the comments!

Listen to the Full Score for InGeneral – The Jurassic Outpost Podcast

If you enjoy listening to the InGeneral Podcast, you can now listen to the full score that introduces and accompanies the sections of each episode. Inspired by scores from Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure theme park and music from across the Jurassic franchise, we hope you enjoy the album’s franchise inspired track titles and the music by Caleb Burnett. Listen to the full album wherever you stream music and below:

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory SEASON ONE REVIEW – A Brilliant Thriller for a New Era in the Jurassic Franchise

We’ve been lucky enough to catch Jurassic World’s new animated show Chaos Theory ahead of its debut on Netflix on May 24th!

The show is a follow-up to Camp Cretaceous, an animated series that saw six campers become stranded on the island of Jurassic World after the Indominus Rex disaster. Chaos Theory picks up a number of years after their eventual rescue, and follows these familiar faces as they tackle various dangers and threats in the new modern world.

We’re going to give you our thoughts on season one of Jurassic World: Chaos Theory! As always with these reviews – if you want to remain completely spoiler free then maybe best to avoid this one, but either way we won’t be spoiling any major plot points here! 

Read on for our review of Season ONE of Jurassic World: Chaos Theory…

Chaos Theory is a thrill ride from start to finish – one would honestly expect nothing less from the follow-up series to Camp Cretaceous. While Jurassic’s first animated outing secluded the stories to the dinosaur-riddled islands of the pacific, Chaos Theory firmly places us in the present day, or near enough anyway, in a Jurassic world where dinosaurs now roam.

The Nublar Six are now famous – or perhaps infamous – for their ties to the Jurassic World disaster and the dinosaurs that it has ultimately unleashed upon the world. Very early on in the story Chaos Theory perfectly demonstrates the concept that was set up and teased to the audience in Fallen Kingdom: dinosaurs in our world. Arguably this concept is still a desired one, having not been a very large feature in the final World movie, but Chaos Theory showcases it really well, throughout the story, in ways that are natural, engaging, and realistic.

The very first episode, “Aftershock,” teases this concept with radio commentary from disgruntled civilians; the reality of dinosaurs in our world isn’t a dinotopia. The writers have carefully crafted the world that we enter to show us these realities in ways the movies haven’t, and sometimes a single shot tells you everything you need to know. Chaos Theory continues to show us that these dinosaurs are not monsters, but animals living in an unfamiliar world. And don’t forget, this is the first time we are truly seeing an expansive, detailed look at dinosaurs being out on the mainland, a very important and world-changing period of time in the Jurassic story.

The first season of Chaos Theory is an unravelling mystery that takes – with confidence – a darker, shadier, and more mature tone than its predecessor. Our campers have grown, and with that, so too has the storytelling. Many elements of the campers’ search for the truth while evading dinosaur and human danger harken back to the Nublar Six’s experiences doing the very same things on Isla Nublar. But in some ways, this feels like a whole new BEAST.

Writer & showrunner Scott Kreamer and his team have shown here that they understand this franchise. Chaos Theory seems to perfectly represent a crossing of the two Jurassic eras, each with their own distinct tones. Both fans of the Jurassic Park trilogy AND fans of the Jurassic World trilogy will feel like there is something for them here.

The show is filled with references and callbacks to the early movies, and seemingly a number directly to The Lost World. Chaos Theory brings back the RAPTORS, those gloriously cunning and violent beasts. They are here, and while not Velociraptors, the Atrociraptors from Dominion are absolutely vicious in this show and if you’ve been longing for some raptor action – then Chaos Theory delivers.

None of the characters feel out of place and they all feel like grown, developed versions of their former selves, characters who have reacted and adapted to the new world they live in. All the minute observations, the micro behaviors that make these characters themselves – they’re all on display here. The personal relationships and the intricacies of these characters continue to be the strongest element of this series.

One of our favourite elements in this first season is Yasmina’s personal struggle with what happened to them on the islands. The dream sequence that we saw in Camp Cretaceous showed us how the experience was already tormenting her, and this show continues to explore that narrative with her character’s growth.

And maybe we should address the elephant in the room: Brooklynn. We won’t be spoiling anything, as this show deserves YOUR viewing experience. You will like where this goes, and how it unravels. It’s emotional, it’s nerve-wracking, it’s a new Jurassic world.

The additional characters in this show, while not main features, all hold their own well. There is one who will likely become the most memorable, and the humor he brings is the perfect comedic timing required in this… pretty intense show.

Visually, this show delivers! Diverse locations, great lighting and composition – it all comes together here to provide some fantastic visuals. The animation and lighting in many environments is simply gorgeous. From dazzling sunsets to moonlit horrors, the understanding of Jurassic’s color pallet is on display here. The dinosaurs themselves appear to have had some polish too, looking even closer to their movie counterparts than the already impressive Camp Cretaceous. There are some moments in this season that look near photo-realistic, adding to the beauty and mystique of the series.

Of course, there are new dinosaurs which deliver on the chills and thrills you would expect from a Jurassic World. But we also get incredibly touching moments between man and dinosaur which continue to prove that these dinosaurs (most of them anyway) are animals – animals that deserve our respect. Chaos Theory simultaneously dials up the intensity and terror of dinosaur encounters. It doesn’t shy away from the reality of it, and we love that.

While some encounters might leave you thinking of Maisie’s superhuman escape abilities in Fallen Kingdom, overall this series is an improvement on an already great premise that fans of the Jurassic story want to see. Camp Cretaceous fans will be happy with the show’s new direction and the quality time spent with beloved characters. We can’t help but be excited for what might come next!

The overall story doesn’t shy away from its conspiratorial inspiration: the ever-growing distrust of establishment, corporations, and the media. It’s all quite present as this story evolves. This show is off to an excellent start at building a mysterious, dramatic new world for our characters to navigate with its dark, engaging visuals, striking musical score, and excellent voice performances.

The show, the ending, all of it will all leave you wanting more, not just for what happens but for the fact that this first season flies by. It’s tight, contained, and near perfect in its execution. Another big credit to executive producers Scott Kreamer and Aaron Hammersley, who have created Jurassic’s animated world and made it something worth returning to.

Chaos Theory solidly and progressively fills the space in this franchise that was first opened by Camp Cretaceous, and while the fourth and fifth seasons of that show may have been divisive, Chaos Theory moves forward in the right direction. 

We’ve never been in the habit of giving actual ratings in our reviews but what we will say is that Jurassic World: Chaos Theory might be one of the best things to happen in the Jurassic World era.

But that’s just our opinion! 

It arrives on Netflix May 24th – and trust us, this one’s worth the watch.

Jurassic Park X Smiggle – A Collection 65 Million Years in the Making

School and leisure essentials company Smiggle has announced a collaboration with Universal Pictures and Jurassic Park! Jurassic Park’s 30th anniversary will continue to be celebrated with really awesome backpacks, lunchboxes, cups, and other gear covered in fun and retro Jurassic colors and imagery. Check out more images and read more about the collaboration line below!

Celebrate the most thrilling of Smiggle collections this Easter – the Jurassic Park x Smiggle Collection is now available in Smiggle stores and online!

Welcome to the prehistoric playground of Jurassic Park x Smiggle, where imaginations run wild! This limited-edition range – including backpacks, lunchboxes, drink bottles, gadgets, travel accessories and more – is sure to bring some dinosaur-sized excitement to Smiggle fans everywhere.

Grab your visitor pass and embark on an amazing journey with this limited-edition collection made for all explorers and show some roarsome Jurassic Park style every day!

All your favourite dinosaurs are coming out to play to help you explore the natural world with this prehistoric collection inspired by the original Jurassic Park film.

The appeal of dinosaurs never grows old and kids (and grown ups) will love the new found inspiration in this collection of accessories and gifts for all ages.

All your favorite Smiggle products have been expertly crafted in Jurassic Park style, with those extra special touches, super materials and special finishes that you expect from the design crew at Smiggle.

As always, there is so much more to choose from in store and online. Smiggle is the perfect place to fill your home with fun and excitement!

The Jurassic Park x Smiggle Collection is now available at Smiggle stores nationally or online at with prices ranging from $9.95 to $49.95.

But wait there’s (even) more… Smiggle’s product range is enormous.

Everything you need for school, holidays or FUN can be found at Smiggle.

Smiggle’s products are designed to inspire and develop creativity with original, fun and affordable stationery, accessories, gadgets and more.


Smiggle is the ultimate destination for your school, birthday and leisure essentials. From backpacks and drink bottles, to gift packs and key-rings, Smiggle is the original creator of all things colourful, fun, unique and on trend.

Smiggle was established in 2003 in Melbourne Australia, originally opening 20 concept stores around the country. By 2007, Smiggle had joined the Just Group – owned by Premier Investments Limited, the ASX listed retail conglomerate.

Fast-forward to 2016 and Smiggle stores had rapidly expanded across Australia and could also be found in the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

Today, Smiggle retails from hundreds of standalone stores and wholesale “shop-in-shop” concepts, across multiple countries.


Experience one of the biggest films in motion picture history with director Steven Spielberg’s ultimate thrill ride, Jurassic Park – celebrating 30 years in 2023! Featuring Academy Award®- winning visual effects and groundbreaking filmmaking, this epic film is sheer movie-making magic that was 65 million years in the making. Jurassic Park takes you to an amazing theme park on a remote island where dinosaurs once again roam the Earth, and five people must battle to survive among the prehistoric predators. Starring Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Richard Attenborough, discover the breath-taking adventure you will want to experience again and again.

What do you think about this amazing Jurassic Park collaboration, and will you be picking up any of these items? Be sure to check out the entire Smiggle x Jurassic Park collection here.

New Animated Show Announced by Netflix – Jurassic World: Chaos Theory

You heard that right, Netflix have announced the Camp Cretaceous sequel show and will unveil even more information this November.

Jurassic World: Chaos Theory takes it’s title from Dr. Ian Malcolm’s signature line, and will release on the streaming platform Netflix in 2024.

Not much is known about the show at this time, but we speculate that some, if not all, of the Camp Cretaceous alumni will return in this adventure.

You can learn more about the show in the videos above and below – and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments for what you hope to see in Chaos Theory!

‘The Hatchling’ – a Original Dinosaur Short Film – Bring’s the Jurassic World Vibes

An all-new original short film ‘The Hatchling‘ featuring plenty of dinosaurs has roared online! While it is not an official entry into the Jurassic World universe or a production by Universal Pictures, it is sure to be right up your alley. Drawing clear inspiration from Amblin classics such as ‘The Goonies’ and ‘ET,’ this short film transports viewers to a world reminiscent of Jurassic Park (and dare we say, a more grounded Camp Cretaceous), complete with numerous easter eggs for all the dedicated fans like ourselves.

The production comes from quite a few members of the Jurassic Park community (with full transparency: Chris Pugh, from our own website, is among them). Although it doesn’t formally position itself as a fan film, ‘The Hatchling’ offers a surprisingly high-quality experience despite its modest scale.

So what are you waiting for, watch ‘The Hatchling’ below (after all, it’s only 10 minutes long)!

“Introducing ‘THE HATCHLING,’’ an original short film that transports you to a world where dinosaurs and man coexist. Nestled within the picturesque outskirts of Pine Ridge, a tight-knit group is thrust into a thrilling adventure to help reunite a baby Deinocheirus with its family in the sun-soaked wilds. Alongside evading the wrath of prehistoric beasts, our heroes are entangled in a web of forces who wish to capture the infant for their dubious agendas.

THE HATCHLING features high-quality independent filmmaking and beautiful visual effects–all available to watch on YouTube. Starring Carrie Gibson (HBO’S Barry), April Consalo (Cannibal Mukbang), Lamonte Forte-Jordan, and Liam Krivcov. From director Tim Cianfano, producers Max Bellomio, Anthony Feliciano, Luke Lotardo, and Chris Pugh, and writers Bri Bollmann, Tim Cianfano, and Chris Pugh, viewers of all ages are guaranteed a thrilling ride.”

So what did you think? Be sure to let us know, and if you have a project you want featured here sound off. We hope to see more projects from all the independent filmmakers and storytellers out there tackle dinosaurs in the future!

Exclusive New Details On Fan-Proposed John Hammond ‘Jurassic Park’ Prequel!

The ‘Jurassic’ franchise is definitely on a bit of a hiatus after ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’. The story that began in 1993 closed with the sixth film, and while there are opportunities to continue in a new direction, many believe the actual choices for an engaging narrative are limited.

The BioSyn “Sanctuary”, as shown in the final moments of ‘Dominion’, is really the only bit of lore left to tie the franchise forward unless something new is concocted (much like the “Lockwood” material in ‘Fallen Kingdom’). Depending on who you ask, Isla Sorna could be the setting for future stories – but what is left to mine from there at this point in the series? Otherwise, we just have a future with random dinosaur attacks in our world (which honestly has a limited shelf life in terms of having an actual story).

‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ made over a billion dollars last year, a feat only shared by a handful of films. No matter what your take is on the last entry, the box office is proof that there is still an audience for this series. Universal Pictures will undoubtedly move forward with a new story at some point. However, what if instead they went backward?

Jurassic Outpost has been given exclusive new details on the proposed John Hammond prequel that was teased two years ago. An independent pitch that features a gallery of concept art showcasing Hammond’s years leading up to the creation of ‘Jurassic Park’! Included are several new images, which you can view below:

In many ways, this looks like a version of the story told by Richard Attenborough (the actor who famously portrayed John Hammond) in the DreamWorks Interactive game ‘Trespasser’ through a collection of memoirs written by Austin Grossman.

However, that game’s story has been questioned by fans as meshing canon from the films and the novels in ways that don’t quite line up (although we personally enjoy it regardless). This new pitch appears to adhere more closely to the films. For a taste, we were given this page from the script, depicting a moment from the well-known “flea circus” story.

So far, this concept sounds great and looks like it could have potential. Given how most people didn’t like the direction ‘Dominion’ went, the chances of a prequel happening (or even a remake of sorts) are definitely not out of the question. Do you think Universal Pictures would be interested? Would you be interested? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned to Jurassic Outpost for the latest!

Sadly, the Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary Steelbook Set Looks a Bit Phoned In

Let’s just cut to the chase, this is the embodiment of ‘spared some expense.’

Courtesy of we have the first look at the Jurassic Park 30th Anniversary collectors set and while at a distance it seems to be a nice package, at closer inspection it just doesn’t hold up. From the steelbook cover just being a trace-over of a statue to the slip case looking like a bit like a photoshop filter disaster – and of course the art cards using Jurassic World dinosaurs rather than Jurassic Park – we have to wonder how this thing made it past approvals.

Wait, why is the Jurassic World T. rex on a beach, why is that the Jurassic World Dilophosaurus and WHY is Dr. Malcolm holding a lightsaber? We are interested in that collectible booklet… but…

We can go on about how influential Jurassic Park is as film and how well-regarded the first film is amongst all fans new and old. We can spit out metrics and have a long discussion about how Jurassic Park has been poorly managed via a series of poor attempts at cash in’s without the work and love required. But that’s just putting more work in than the franchise does itself these days, which is deflating. So instead, we’ll leave you with some pictures, tweets, and a song.

Hey, that cover looks familiar.

Does someone in the home entertainment department actually hate Jurassic Park, and they’re in charge of the art?

To be fair, the more recent attempts aren’t as awful as this 2013 poster. But let’s be real, that’s a low bar.

Ok, ok, we’ll stop kicking when they’re down – but the point is that don’t impress us much.

‘Jurassic Park’ Inspired Board Game ‘Sauria’ Reveals New Expansion!

The following article was submitted to us by Paolo De Bonis.

Sauria is a tabletop board game about surviving and escaping a dinosaur theme park while competing with others to accomplish secret objectives. Giving that ‘Jurassic Park’ feel with a lot of variability with different dinosaurs and map layout every game – being able to inspect the park as one of 8 unique characters with abilities that will help you try your best to do what it takes to escape the park and the erupting volcano.

“Sauria takes the story we’re all familiar with from Jurassic Park and converts it into an exciting board game. Both the artwork and mechanics are dripping with theme, making the game thrilling and engaging until the very last second.”Tabletopping

The premise of the game is that each player has a set of goals that they must secretly complete. Each goal that they complete earns them Victory Points, and the player with the most points AND escapes Isla Sauria wins! Throughout the game, different dinosaurs will reveal themselves and wreak havoc upon the players in different, fun and interactive ways. The game takes place over 16 rounds, which equates to 48 hours in game, but just as you think things couldn’t get any worse, a volcano erupts on the 24 hour mark!

Now, the creators behind Sauria are releasing their latest expansion, “The Claw of Sauria” which introduces a handful of new Dinosaur species, as well as some new hybrids such as “Saurionyx” (aka The Claw of Sauria)! This new expansion also adds a new co-op mode, and, characters. You do not want to miss this!

The first game was originally funded via the crowdsourcing platform called Kickstarter. The campaign was fully funded in 3 days and ended at $20,000. Millian Games’ goal was to create an “escape from a dinosaur island theme park” experience rather than another run of the mill park builder as it would help set them apart from most dinosaur tabletop games.

In the world of Sauria, a genetics company called Genitech purchased the island known as Isla Sauria. On the island, they began their genetics research in manufacturing life, specifically prehistoric life. Their goal is to create the ultimate tourist attraction, a Dinosaur Theme Park. Before opening for the public, Genitech brought in experts for their opinion on the park. During their inspection, the Dinosaurs broke loose and the volcano began to erupt. In a chaotic twist of events, they now have to escape the lava, call for a helicopter or repair the boat, and try not to get eaten alive by the most vicious predators on the planet.

Meanwhile, the new expansion, Claw of Sauria, focuses on the rebuilding of Isla Sauria after the devastation during the first game. Once again, those experts must return to inspect the park, but an unforeseen development took place… the creation of a Hybrid Dinosaur, the Saurionyx!. This hybrid is part T-rex, raptor, poison dart frog, Sauropelta, scorpion and more. This hybrid has unknown abilities that are only discovered after reaching zero health and returning even stronger, possibly even venomous!

The game is available for backing on Kickstarter until the end of March! Make sure to check out their Kickstarter page if you are interested! Let us know if you’ve played Sauria before and what your thoughts on the game are!