First merchandise art from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom erupts online!

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom may have been a no-show at San Diego Comic Con, but it did not take long for a merchandise sneak peek to make its way online. The Escolar Office Brasil, a trade show for office and school supplies, was recently held at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo Brazil. The show took place July 23-26th, and had products from many popular properties, including Minions and Star Wars.

Thanks to Instagram user Dinosaursclan, we know Fallen Kingdom also made an appearance, and have a look at some of the 2018 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom promotional art that will be featured on merchandise!

The notebooks pictured are being produced by Foroni, a popular licensed school supply manufacturer, and a previously established license partner for Jurassic World. In the image shared above, two different notebooks are pictured, featuring key art from the 2018 style guide. Fallen Kingdom has numerous themes, and that volcanic image to the right is one of many in the same style that will grace products next year.

As it stands, most of the early Fallen Kingdom merchandise will reuse Jurassic World assets (especially for dinosaurs), only in new environments, and painted to new styles (the most striking of which are volcanic). However, overall, the look and feel is more exciting and gritty than the merchandise made for Jurassic World, sharing a resemblance with The Lost World’s product base.

The art pictured is perhaps the most outwardly volcanic art we have seen from the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel, and leaves little ambiguity about that plot element (which was recently confirmed by Frank Marshall).

The other themes on display for the early Fallen Kingdom merchandise are certainly exciting, and at least one features a familiar vehicle returning in a new and exciting way – with any luck, more will be officially revealed in near future! That said, they are mostly conservative when it comes to showing off new elements, particularly dinosaurs, and it’s likely only later waves will be more revealing with new assets.

Are you excited to see more merchandise from Fallen Kingdom, and what type of imagery would you like to see utilized? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for the latest news!

Source: Instagram

Official Limited Edition Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane Replica by Paradise Collectibles Now Available To Preorder!

Roaring out of 2017’s San Diego Comic Con comes a new officially licensed Jurassic Park collectible… John Hammond’s Amber Cane!

Chronicle Collectibles have partnered with Paradise Collect, a new online store dedicated to movie and entertainment memorabilia such as action figures, statues, props, posters and more! The website has launched with a number of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World products from Chronicle Collectibles, as well as Paradise Collectibles’ first exclusive product:

Chronicle Collectibles and Paradise Collect began collaborating on this iconic prop replica in 2015 and has been working tirelessly to ensure it is as accurate as can be to the cane seen in Jurassic Park and briefly in The Lost World.

Celebrate the legacy of Jurassic Park by bringing home a piece of history with this exclusive limited edition 1:1 prop replica of John Hammond’s Amber Cane, cast from an original film prop with an expertly crafted finish. Special Jurassic Park logo plague, hanger clip, and wall mount hardware included.

Fans, collectors, and movie goers alike will instantly recognize this piece of luxurious pre-historic deco as there are none others line it! This walking stick is constructed of a cast resin shaft in the form of thirteen tapering sections of dinosaur bone crowned by an egg-shaped multifaceted top gem of amber, with a large prehistoric, fossilized mosquito suspended inside. The cane ends with a screen accurate footer tip and is sure to amaze and inspire pop culture enthusiasts around the globe!


The cane is an officially licensed product and the delivery is expected to be in the fourth quarter of 2017. The full price is $249.99, but much like Chronicle, Paradise Collect offers payment plans. The 6 month plan brings the cane down to $42 a month!

Only 1000 canes will be produced, so be sure to secure a copy before the opportunity goes extinct! Pre-order now!

About Paradise Collectibles Group:

Paradise Collectibles Group is proud to announce the official release of the Jurassic Park John Hammond Cane by Chronicle Collectibles, LLC. This product is a high-end collectible prop replica and is a global exclusive to Paradise Collectibles Group and its website Paradise Collectibles Group is retailer of officially licensed pop culture collectibles based around your favorite movie & entertainment properties.

Paradise Collectibles have big plans for the brand and hope to have more exclusive Jurassic products later in the year. Check out more about the cane on its official web page!

Amazing new Jurassic World concept art recaptures the magic of Jurassic Park

Jurassic World released in 2015, but new concept art continues to surface, providing beautiful looks behind the scenes of design. The latest batch of images come from concept artist John Bell, who has long time been associated with the franchise, starting with the first Jurassic Park! He’s the artist of many iconic designs you know and love, and contributed to the Ford Explorer, Jeep Wrangler, and much more!

As expected, his Jurassic World designs are nothing short of stunning, and provide a tantalizing look at the early, alternate story and art. First, let’s start with his park map:

While the park layout varies from that seen in the final film, with main facilities near the coast rather than an inland lagoon, it altogether looks familiar. It even includes the now much important volcano! However, the real standouts in the image are scene descriptions, many of which were not in the final version of Jurassic World. These scenes include “Red & Raptors attack Stegosaur herd”, “Pteranodon Monorail attack”, and featured different characters by the names of ‘Nick’ and ‘Tim’.

Further, it includes alternative attractions, such as a public Raptor show, a rollercoaster, a Pachycephalosaurus show, and a Brachiosaurus restaurant. Finally, rather than featuring a Mosasaurus as seen in the film, it featured a Plesiosaurus.

The rest of the art is perhaps less revealing, but no less striking, filled with beautiful colors, detail, and imagination:

Personally, I find these designs immediately more appealing than what was put on display in the final film, capturing the magic of Jurassic Park in a way we just didn’t see. The final movie featured a park that could have been anywhere in the world, and more often than not, didn’t create its own unique visual identity. I’m bummed we didn’t get any of what was on display here, as it really has a wonderful Disney World goes Jurassic Park look that I never knew I wanted until now.

John Bell – Jurassic Park (1993) art

I’m in love with this artwork, and hope future movies find a way to capture the look and feel on display here. If you’re a fan of this art, be sure to check out our interview with John Bell, which has many pictures of his other work on the franchise!

Sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you think of the artwork! Special thanks to Derrick Davis for sharing.

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Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom to feature a Volcanic threat!

Hold on to your butts – months of speculation has just been confirmed by Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom producer Frank Marshall. Frank casually took to Twitter today, corroborating the rampant fan theories that the upcoming sequel will feature some eruptive action. In a rather fun, laid back way, he humored the fact that two projects he was working on featured the magma ridden mountains:

We first began to speculate about a volcanic threat when one of our team members caught an image of a volcano on, although the image was quickly removed. Coupled with domain purchases such as, and Colin Trevorrow saying that the upcoming sequel would focus around mankind’s responsibilities to their creations the plot clicked into place: Fallen Kingdom will revolve around Isla Nublar in peril, with a mission launched to evacuate as many dinosaurs off the island as possible.

Early Jurassic World concept art

As we previously speculated, if the dinosaurs are in peril there may be some heavy resistance from the public regarding a conservation mission:

It stands to reason that after the Jurassic World incident, not only has the park closed, but the fate of the island may be in question. We have no doubt that that world will be a little less fond of having an island full of escaped, breeding dinosaurs – the threat of them becoming free in less isolated ecosystems is nothing short of hazardous. Invasive species of the non extinct variety already threaten the delicate balance of the food-chain in the real world: letting these creatures loose could have longstanding effects, creating the very chaotic butterfly effect Ian Malcolm predicted in 1993. So, again, after the Jurassic World incident it would not surprise us if the governments of the world are humoring their destruction for the ‘greater good’.

Thus sparks the debate: would a mass euthanization be ethical? Do these extinct animals have rights, or are they simply dangerous corporate property? As this debate likely rages on (and for good reason, we’d be pro-dinosaur, but it’s foolish not to consider the danger they present to the natural ecosystem) certain more empathetic parties will wish to take action, to protect the animals. Those who had a hand in their creation (such as Claire Dearing) have all the more motivation to get their hands dirty in protecting them – and of course Owen Grady would have more reasons than most to protect their livelihood, due to his relationship with Blue the Velociraptor.

This resistance seems to come in play via another tweet from Frank Marshall, which showcases a grassroots “We Can Save Them” fundraising operation. If the world was happy to help, surely they wouldn’t be starved for cash to save the dinosaurs? Just what has happened to Masrani Global and InGen post the Jurassic World disaster? Our bets are those companies are all but extinct, and are in no position to officially intervene once the threat of an active volcano comes into play.

While the concept of a volcano on Isla Nublar may seem to come out of left field, the idea has been around for some time. The movies never touched on it, but the novels made mention of active geothermal plains on the island with volcanic caused steam vents, which is where the escaped wild raptors made their nests. InGen utilized geothermal power to run Isla Sorna, and the Telltale Jurassic Park game said the same was done on Isla Nublar. The films never actively acknowledged the volcano, but it can be seen on several park maps, and was confirmed to be called Mount Sibo on

Why the volcano has become a serious threat after so much time remains unknown – it stands to reason John Hammond wouldn’t have built Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar if he thought it was a serious threat. Perhaps InGen did utilize geothermal power, which destabilized the natural volcanic ecosystem, and after Jurassic World closed, the system collapsed, leading to a surge of activity? I do hope the film answers these questions, because as much as I love the concept, it is strange this is the first we’re hearing of it.

There are a lot of questions that now come into play: how does Dr. Wu fit into the picture? How does the rumored “Indoraptor” come into play? And just what is Benjamin Lockwood’s role in all this? Odds are those questions won’t be answered until the film erupts into theaters, and I cannot wait until that happens.

As always, stay tuned for the latest news, and sound off in the comments below!

New official picture teases Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom dinosaur – could it be the recently trademarked “Indoraptor”?

Yesterday, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom wrapped principal photography, finishing filming in Hawaii. While the number of days filmed has yet to be officially confirmed, we believe it to be 91 (versus the 78 spent on Jurassic World). To commemorate this exciting milestone that the fifth Jurassic Park film just crossed, writer and producer Colin Trevorrow tweeted a mysterious new image:

Pictured is director JA Bayona between the open jaws of a ferocious looking dino, seemingly inside of a cage. The first thing I did upon seeing that image was to download it, and brighten it, revealing more visual information than what was immediately discernible. I was hoping to be able to tell if it was an animatronic or something else, but there just isn’t enough shown to say either way.

What can be seen is the mystery dinosaur has Crocodilian like teeth, growing straight out of the skin — very much like the I.rex. Further, the skin texture seems to be similar to that of the hybrid seen in Jurassic World, though its color appears to be a deep black color, as opposed to the white of the Indominus Rex. Further, while at first glance the gaping maw appears to be that of a large dinosaur, it’s simply a matter of perspective – realistically, it’s probably slightly larger than a Jurassic Park Velociraptor.

So, could this be a new hybrid?

Signs point to yes! It’s always possible that we’re simply looking at a creepy museum statue, like the one image Frank Marshall tweeted, but the Indominus Rex similarities seem too many to be a coincidence. While I’m not particularly thrilled with another new hybrid, I do think there is a lot of potential with the concept of a smaller, more Raptor like Indominus (though I would have preferred to just see a new Velociraptor variation with camouflage abilities).

Indominus Rex maquette – Jurassic World

Time will tell if the image shared by Colin Trevorrow is a new hybrid – but given the story in previous film, it’s a fair bet Fallen Kingdom will have hybrids in some degree, and recent evidence all but confirms it will be called the “Indoraptor”.

A few days ago, producer Frank Marshall made a tweet to commemorate three years since filming the Indominus escape in Hawaii – however, on his first attempt, he called it the “Indoraptor”, which was later deleted. This certainly caught our and other fans attention – the name seems perfectly applicable to what Hoskins alluded to at the end of Jurassic World.

“Imagine. That one, a fraction of the size – deadly, intelligent, able to hide from the most advanced military technology. A living weapon unlike anything we’ve ever seen.” – Hoskins

Some waved off the tweet as a genuine typo, and while I considered the option, it admittedly that was not the first time I heard that name. When we were given our Mattel scoop, we were told one of the toys was referred to as the Indoraptor, though we have heard no descriptive details, nor were told if it was a hybrid or something else. We choose to sit on that info, as it was too speculative and leaky, especially considering Universal has made no acknowledgement of the name publicly – however, that just changed.

As pointed out by Jurassiraptor on Twitter, Amblin Entertainment just took out four trademarks on “Indoraptor” for toys, books, clothes, and video content. There is no doubt this name is to be used for the Jurassic World franchise, and odds are it’s a hybrid seen in Fallen Kingdom, though there is always a chance it’s simply a merchandise thing like ‘Dino Hybrid’. However, given Frank Marshall’s tweet, that seems incredibly unlikely.

We may have to wait until Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom releases in theaters to learn more about what the Indoraptor is, or what it looks like, but the concept does sound quite cool – and scary. Even that small tease tweeted by Colin Trevorrow, should it be the Indoraptor, looks like the stuff of nightmares. I’m very curious to see what the final design will look like, and if it will have traits like the camouflage of the Indominus Rex. Until then, I’m sure there will be plenty of speculative fan art, like that below!

Ultimately, we’re left with more questions than answers at this point, and that’s the way I like it.

Let us know what you want to see from the Indoraptor, and if you think that’s what is pictured in Colin Trevorrows tweet, and if you make any speculative art, be sure to share it with us! As always, stay tuned, as more news is surely around the corner.

Source: Twitter, Trademarkia

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom WRAPS Filming!

On the 23rd February, the sequel to Jurassic World began filming in the UK. In late June the production headed to the island of Oahu in Hawaii and filmed at various locations including the Kualoa Ranch and the He’eia Kea harbor.

Now, thanks to a tweet by director J.A. Bayona, we have learned that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has officially wrapped filming!

The past few months have been very exciting and while we all hopefully know very little about the plot, the set photos alone show us that this feels and looks like a Jurassic Park movie, especially Claire’s costume in the latest photos. Very Sarah Harding.

Producer Frank Marshall also acknowledged the final day of filming by tweeted a picture from the set with the quote: “Last group of animatronic dinos ready for the final day of shooting, congrats to all on wrapping FALLEN KINGDOM!”

The photo showcases the return of a location from Jurassic World and some plush toy dinosaurs left over from the incident at the park in 2015.

The last filming day was at Halona Beach and some set photos show cast and crew on this beautiful beach cove (potential spoiler warning).

And further posts confirm that the main cast members have indeed wrapped filming. There is always the chance that the second unit will continue to film plate shots, establishing shots, inserts etc.

How excited are you? The fifth Jurassic Park movie is “in the can” so to speak, and now Bayona and his editor will begin to piece together the movie. While there were rumours of a teaser trailer “soon”, we don’t expect to see one for quite some time.

Huge congratulations to the cast and crew that put this movie together and made it happen! It’s a very exciting time for the franchise!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is set for release on June 22nd 2018 in the USA, with an earlier release date in the UK on June 8th.

Updated: First look at Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard & Justice Smith in costume from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom! (Spoilers)

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom may only have a few days left to film, but we just now have our first look at Chris Pratt as Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing in the highly anticipated sequel! The following pictures come from The Daily Mail, and were photographed during filming at the Hālona Blowhole in Hawaii.

The pictures are fairly exciting, though we must warn you – they may showcase scene spoilers, so turn back now if you’d like to remain spoiler free.

The scene in question showcases Owen and Claire struggling to emerge from the water on what appears to be a remote, Isla Nublar beach. They’re both donning their full adventure gear, with Chris Pratt sporting a similar outfit to Jurassic World with a Henley and leather vest. Bryce Dallas Howard see’s the biggest wardrobe switch-up, wearing tall outdoor boots, green khakis, a olive tank, and what appears to be a form of a green combat jacket – talk about a far cry from her white wardrobe in the last film!

Take a look below:


Be sure to hit Daily Mail’s website for more more images, and a quick video of the two in action!

A few days past, while eager fans waited near another Hawaii set in hopes of meeting Chris Pratt and the other stars, Pratt quickly came out to greet everyone, and posed for a few photos! Instagram user Marypou17 was one of the lucky few, and she’s shared another full look at his outfit gear, only not soaked from the ocean:

Owen is looking fairly familiar, and while we wait for better pictures of Claire in her outfit, I think one thing is clear: she looks entirely baddass, and is going to make one hell of a toy. Step aside, Owen Grady (hello Sarah Harding 2.0).

Update: Thanks to our friends at The Bryce Dallas Howard Network, we have fantastic, high quality images of Claire in her outfit! Also pictured are some new shots of Chris Pratt, and most excitingly, Justice Smith in costume as his character Franklin! Be sure to check out all 54 images at

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom is the fifth installment in the Jurassic Park franchise, and is expected to wrap principal photography any day now! Stay tuned, as more news is surely around the corner.

Source: Daily Mail

A Familiar Location is Returning in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom! (Potential Spoilers)

Well folks it looks like Nedry’s 18 minute window is open again as we finally get confirmation that Jurassic Park’s East Dock is back in business! Today’s look at the Fallen Kingdom set comes from our friends over at Reel News Hawaii.

According to Reel News, the sign was spotted at He’eia Harbor where a number of pictures cars and pyrotechnic effects were spotted in the last few weeks. Whilst the sign is almost an exact replica of the ones seen in Jurassic Park, one major difference eludes to an interesting revelation. The absence of the directional arrow and presence of the small ‘Authorized Personnel Only’ plaque tells us that this sign is actually on the Dock itself.

The East Dock was last seen way back in 1993’s Jurassic Park, albeit it only on a security monitor. Colin Trevorrow later tweeted an image of a fallen East Dock sign during the production of Jurassic World, although it’s appearance in the film was eventually cut in lieu of the Research Facility. Fans with sharp hearing may have caught a brief mention of the dock from an InGen Mercenary in the Control Room however. It certainly seems as though the East Dock has a large part to play in Fallen Kingdom.

How excited are you at the thought of seeing a little more of Jurassic Park’s heritage? Comment below!

Source: Reel News Hawaii

Legacy Effects (Stan Winston Studios) Are NOT Involved With Fallen Kingdom

When you think of people who helped craft and influence the Jurassic Park franchise, one of the names that springs to mind is the late Stan Winston. While those who he worked with at his company Stan Winston Studios, formed Legacy Effects after his unfortunate passing, the team remained active within the industry and went on to creative special effects and animatronics for films such as 2012, Avatar, The Hunger Games, Iron Man 2&3, and many more.

The company also continued its relationship with the Jurassic franchise with 2015’s Jurassic World, where the team created a full size Apatosaurus neck animatronic that was seen in a key scene in the film.

Unfortunately only the one animatronic made it into the film, but writer/producer Colin Trevorrow stated to numerous outlets that the sequel, directed by J.A. Bayona, will feature more animatronics in the same way the original three films did. Naturally, fans assumed that Legacy Effects would return in full force and would bring back fan favourites in animatronic form.

However, in December of last year, we began to hear that Legacy Effects were not involved with the sequel, and that Neal Scanlan and his team had put a bid in for the film – and won. Neal’s last project was Star Wars: The Force Awakens which also filmed at Pinewood Studios in London, where all of Fallen Kingdom’s studio work would be filmed.

The prospect of Stan Winston’s original team not being involved with the franchise anymore obviously shocked fans, and while business is business, the exclusion of this company to some perhaps seems illogical, when you consider how prominent and ground breaking the animatronics were in the original trilogy.

In March, a glimmer of hope shone in Legacy’s direction, when a filming permit for Ancient Futures (Fallen Kingdom’s working title) was acquired for Pacoima, Los Angeles. Legacy Effects are very close to that same area, which led some to speculate that they will be involved with the sequel in some capacity.

However, after speaking with Stan Winston School of Character Arts’ co-founder and son of Stan Winston, Matt Winston, he clarified to us that Legacy Effects are not involved with the sequel.

“Unfortunately, I have zero knowledge of JW2 since Legacy was not involved. My fingers are crossed that Neal and his time did a great job.”

With Fallen Kingdom’s production office based in London and with most of the key studio scenes being filmed there, it does make sense for the production to opt for a local animatronic/special effects company, who also have a working relationship with Pinewood Studios. Using a local company also helps to keep costs down, especially when you consider how expensive and time consuming it would be to ship huge and heavy animatronics across the pond.

It is unfortunate to hear that Legacy’s team will not be involved, but we can have faith that Neal Scanlan’s team will do the film justice! The team is working on Star Wars: Episode VIII and previously worked on the last two Star Wars films, Prometheus, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and many more. What do you make of their work?

WINNERS of the #MyJurassicSelfie Contest!

Jurassic June is a month of celebrating all things Jurassic Park, and this year we hosted the #MyJurassicSelfie contest! For the past couple of weeks we’ve been seeing your fantastic entries roll in, and now we’ve chosen the winners!


There were so many fantastic entries that really made this a tough decision – below are some well deserved mentions:

If you won and you have yet to get in touch, please email us or DM Jurassic June so we can send you your prizes!

Amazing work all round, we’ve loved looking through all the entries and the effort that has gone in really is impressive! Be sure to search the hashtag #MyJurassicSelfie on Instagram to view all of the entries.

Another Jurassic June has flown by, and what a month it’s been!