The Jurassic World CAPTIVZ Collection Expands With All-New CLASH Edition!

Today at TTPM Toy Monster International has unveiled the all-new Jurassic World ‘Clash Edition’ of their CAPTIVZ surprise-egg mini-figures. The Clash lineup includes over 30 dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park trilogy, Jurassic World films, and Camp Cretaceous across two waves and multiple skus, due to hit store shelves this November.

CAPTIVZ are ‘pop-n-lock’ dinosaur minifigures packaged within ‘Surprise Egg’ capsules (which retail at $5 MSRP) that include battle tokens and slime. They launched with a Fallen Kingdom lineup, and over the summer had a range dedicated to Camp Cretaceous. Each figure is roughly 3-inches long in size, and offer unparalleled accuracy, detail, and paint at their size and price.

The Clash Edition lineup will also bring some new items to the range, including the ‘MEGA EGG Surprise’! As the name suggests, the Mega Egg is a fantastic surprise egg collectors gift set which features numerous Jurassic World items inside of it and will retail at $20 USD. We’ve partnered with Toy Monster International to offer 250 Mega Eggs first, exclusively through the Jurassic Outpost store starting October 4th. Stay tuned for more details about this set, & read the full press release below!

MELBOURNE, Australia, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ToyMonster, the Australia-based toy manufacturer bringing the hottest collectibles to Jurassic World fans across the globe, announces the U.S. launch of the Jurassic World CAPTIVZ Clash Edition. The new line of Jurassic World dinosaur Pop N’ Lock collectible toys will hit shelves in November, just in time for dinosaur-loving holiday wishes to come true.

“We’ve been blown away by the massive fan response to our CAPTIVZ line,” said Claire Carroll, Global Head of Brand & Marketing at ToyMonster. “Now, we’re excited to roll-out the new Clash Edition for the holiday season. Jurassic World fans will go crazy for the epic detail and the most sought-after dinosaur figures!” 

Following the wildly successful launch of CAPTIVZ Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous over the summer, the CAPTIVZ Clash Edition range gives Jurassic World fans more of what they love. Each Jurassic World CAPTIVZ: Clash Edition Slime Egg includes one Pop N’ Lock dinosaur, slime, battle token and collector battle guide.

The new line features: 

– 30 all-time favorite species from across the Jurassic World franchise (double the quantity from the first season), chosen specifically based on fan feedback 

– New paint detail features battle wounds from epic Clash movie moments 

– Six rare dinosaurs with metallic finishes 

– Stretchy lava-like, red slime 

– Expanded battle play options

To battle, just unwrap, crack and ooze through lava-like slime to reveal the mystery Jurassic World dinosaur Pop N’ Lock figure, identify the species and then challenge friends to battle rounds based on aggression or intelligence powers, height or weight stats – the bigger your dinosaur army, the better chances of defeating your opponent – then tally up battle points to become the ultimate CAPTIVZ champion!

To kick-off the CAPTIVZ Clash Edition launch, ToyMonster has formed an exclusive partnership with Jurassic Outpost, a leading Jurassic World fan site founded and led by Jack De La Mare and Chris Pugh. With a nod to the dedicated Jurassic World fans, ToyMonster and Jurassic Outpost will host exclusive promotions including: 

Mega Egg Presale – On October 4, Jurassic Outpost will launch the presale of the Jurassic World CAPTIVZ: Mega Egg, giving fans early access before it becomes widely available. Packed with mega surprises, the Mega Egg is nearly one foot tall and includes three Pop N’ Lock dinosaurs, two eggs, two stretchy lava slimes, one Jurassic World pull back car, three battle tokens, game playmat and die, backpack clip, 10 stickers and collector guide. Priced at $20, the Mega Egg presale will be available in limited quantity, while supplies last. 

Fans First Dino Stampede – Stomping into the holiday spirit, ToyMonster is gifting Jurassic World fans with FREE Jurassic World CAPTIVZ: Clash Edition Slime Eggs (U.S. residents only; while supplies last). For fans that just can’t wait for the retail launch in late-November, Jurassic Outpost will host the Fans First Dino Stampede, offering one (1) free Clash Edition Slime Egg per household, to the first 250 fans that register at Jurassic Outpost starting November 1st at 9am PST.  

“The detail and accuracy of the CAPTIVZ dinosaurs are unrivaled at their scale and price, and ToyMonster’s continued engagement with fans has led to many exciting additions and updates as each new wave hits shelves,” said Chris Pugh, Jurassic Outpost. “We’ve been a fan of the Jurassic World CAPTIVZ lineup since launch, and are incredibly excited to team up with ToyMonster to help even more fans discover these collectibles!”

Available at Walmart, 5 Below and Meijer, starting in late-November, the line is priced starting at MSRP $4.99 for a single egg. The full CAPTIVZ line will evolve over coming seasons to include never before seen dinosaur species and new innovation in the line, leading up to the highly anticipated theatrical release of Jurassic World: Dominion in June 2022.

About ToyMonster

ToyMonster is a Global toy manufacturer, headquartered in Melbourne Australia – where you’ll find a team of Monsters dedicated to producing innovative concepts designed to spark kids’ imaginations through play, put smiles on faces & ultimately disrupt the toy aisle with new ideas. ToyMonster was successful in securing a Global license in 2019 with NBC Universal to manufacture and distribute Jurassic World products; the start of a pipeline of new development yet to come. For more information, please visit

About Jurassic World

From Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment, Jurassic World immerses audiences of all ages in a new era of wonder and thrills where dinosaurs and humankind must learn to coexist. Jurassic World is more than a film franchise. At every turn, this $5 billion film series delivers a larger-than-life destination for exploration, discovery, and epic adventure. Dinosaurs live again and they live in Jurassic WorldJurassic World: Dominion debuts in theaters June 2022.

About Jurassic Outpost

Initially founded in 2007 by Jack De La Mare as a fan newsfeed titled, the site has continued to evolve into a unique platform over the years, becoming what is now Jurassic Outpost. Now hosting millions of unique viewers, Jack, Chris, and the ‘Outpost’ team celebrate everything Jurassic on their website, social channels, and ‘InGeneral Podcast’ while also creating their own original content – often in collaboration with Universal Pictures, including the ‘Beyond the Gates’ web-series for and Jurassic World’s YouTube channel. Visit the Outpost at: 

What dinosaur are you most excited for from the Clash Edition range? Be sure to let us know, and stay tuned for all the latest Jurassic news!

Mr. DNA Joins the Funko Pop! Line in Finale Episode of ‘Beyond The Gates’

Mr. DNA, where did you come from?

The closing episode of our collectors focused web-series Beyond The Gates is here! As we mentioned last month, this show has been a blast to produce and speaking with the talented designers behind these products provides a unique look at the development, work, and passion that goes into making such collectibles.

Last month we debuted the Jurassic World Apatosaurus, welcoming it to Mattel’s Legacy Collection. This month we reveal the latest to Funko’s Jurassic Pop! collection, John Hammond’s animated mascot, Mr. DNA!

In this final episode, we hear from 3D sculptor at Funko Katelyn Simon who takes us through the process of designing a Funko Pop! from concept to shelves!

Whether you have all of the Jurassic World Funko Pops, or just a few, Mr. DNA will sit alongside your collection perfectly, reminding you how John Hammond and his team of scientists managed the impossible.

Will you be adding Mr. DNA to your collection? You can head to now to pre-order before stock runs out!

And with the final episode now live, we really hope you have enjoyed Beyond The Gates and wanted to thank each and every one of you for watching, sharing, and commenting on the episodes.

It has meant so much to be able to produce this show, and we hope you have enjoyed learning more about the behind the scenes process that the designers take to put these Jurassic collectibles together!

Thank you, and stay tuned.

‘Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous’ Season 4 Coming This December

The third season of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous made its debut on Netflix in May of this year, continuing the story of six campers stranded on the ill-fated Isla Nublar. The season opens 6 months after the campers were left behind after the fall of Jurassic World, eventually aligning with Fallen Kingdom’s opening moments. After numerous trials and tribulations for the gregarious gang, the season closed with the kids finally sailing away from Isla Nublar…

But the number one question has been what comes next – and when?

We’ve known a 4th season is coming: Jurassic World Director Colin Trevorrow has said his favorite moments from the show will take place in it — not to mention last we saw of the campers they were unaware of something else lurking in the lower cabins of the yacht they’re now adrift upon. For our speculation on what the season will entail, I strongly suggest checking out the video below where we outline the evidence pointing to the return of Isla Sorna:

As for the release date of Camp Cretaceous Season 4, we’ve been long reporting that it would be a longer wait than normal to better align with the ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ debut. Since early this year we had been hearing Season 4 would release this December, with the fifth season dropping after Dominion in July of 2022 – and newly revealed tie-in books for the fourth season support this.

Season 4 tie-in novels Camp Cretaceous, Volume Four: The Deluxe Junior Novelization and Rescue Mission! (Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous)have been revealed by the publisher and made available for Pre-Order, each sporting a January 4th release date.

Given the January 4th, 2022 release date for the books, we suspect the season will release December 24th or 17th, 2021. For some added context, every season of Camp Cretaceous has landed on Netflix on a Friday, and each season had multiple tie-in books that would release roughly 4 – 10 days later. If Season 4 adheres to the same schedule, December 24th is the most probable date.

We go into more detail about all of this in our YouTube video, including what the ‘Rescue Mission’ title may mean – so check it out!

When you take past marketing schedules for Camp Cretaceous into consideration, this means the first trailer will most likely hit in October. However, given the longer time between seasons we’re still hopeful to see something this month – perhaps on September 18th, the one year anniversary of the Camp Cretaceous premiere!

Are you looking forward to the fourth season of Camp Cretaceous, and what do you hope to see happen? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned to Jurassic Outpost for the latest news!

Join The Camp Cretaceous ‘Dinosaur Challenge’ with Del Monte

It’s a veggiesaurus! Produce brand Fresh Del Monte has teamed up with DreamWorks’ “Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous” to bring fans of the Netflix series an adventure game!

Throughout September and October of this year, consumers can purchase select Fresh Del Monte produce items to access an all-new Dinosaur Challenge game. Players scan and play using different product QR codes on produce tags to unlock special skills and boosters to help escape the game’s island. Users can also unlock augmented reality (AR) content and social media filters for a limited time by obtaining badges and medals through the game. Participating Fresh Del Monte produce items include: Del Monte Gold® Pineapple, Honeyglow® Pineapple, Del Monte® Bananas, and Various Del Monte® Fresh Cut containers.

“At Fresh Del Monte, we seek strategic brand partnerships to help encourage kids to eat more fruits and vegetables,” said Pablo Rivero, Vice President Marketing North America, Fresh Del Monte. “Therefore, we could not be more excited to partner with the Jurassic World franchise to bring these fun products and adventures to families in the United States and Canada. We look forward to getting more fruits and vegetables in kids’ hands and hope this is the first of many future partnerships with DreamWorks and Universal.”

Once you sign up for the Dinosaur Challenge, you set up your profile and start playing (no fruit purchase or scanning is necessary to play)! You play as Darius and collect fruit and other items while trying to escape a raptor that’s chasing you. Use the up and down arrows to jump, climb, and slide your way past obstacles on the island and avoid being caught by the raptor. By scanning QR codes on the produce tags, you will gain inventory items that will help you with game play, including extra lives and switching the player character.

To further sweeten the deal, consumers in the United States and Canada* can enter for a chance to win a trip to experience Universal Orlando Resort’s three amazing theme parks in Orlando, Florida. Winners will win a four-day, three-night trip with hotel, theme park tickets for winner plus three guests, and ground transportation between airport and hotel. Full terms and conditions can be found by visiting

Channel your inner veggiesaurus, grab some Del Monte fruit, and start playing! Who knows, you may even win a trip to Universal Studios! Let us know how far you get and your high scores in the comments!

‘Jurassic World Primal Ops’ Game Coming Soon – But What Is It?

We have some great news for Jurassic fans and gamers! Universal recently filed a trademark for the name “JURASSIC WORLD PRIMAL OPS” under the Computer & Software Products & Electrical & Scientific Products category. The description provided for this trademark says:

Downloadable interactive multi-media software for playing games; downloadable software in the nature of a mobile application for playing games and accessing entertainment content for use with computers, portable handheld digital electronic communication devices, mobile devices, wired and wireless communication devices, and video game consoles; downloadable computer game software for wireless and electronic mobile devices, mobile phones, hand-held electronic devices, and video game consoles; computer game discs; video game discs; wireless communication devices and wireless communication systems comprised of computer hardware and recorded software for the transmission of audio, voice, and images.

While the description does contain verbiage regarding computers, we believe that ‘PRIMAL OPS‘ will (sadly) most likely be a new mobile ‘Jurassic’ game. However, we do hope this will be a proper larger scope and high game hitting consoles and PC, where there is a serious lack of story-driven Jurassic experiences. While properties like Star Wars continue to excel at providing diverse and quality gaming experiences, Jurassic’s approach has leaves a lot to be desired, only really delving in park building simulation games or lower budget mobile games and VR gimmick titles.

That leaves us to wonder what kind of game this will be – based on the name, we could be getting some kind of first-person dinosaur tracking/hunting game, or maybe the long awaited survival adventure similar to ‘Alien Isolation’ and ‘Jurassic World Aftermath’ (the latter of which is seeing a story expansion September 30th). Given the story post Fallen Kingdom, we could imagine this being a game where you track down and capture escaped dinosaurs across the North American countryside – which would tie in to 2022’s Jurassic World Dominion quite nicely.

It’s worth noting that over the past couple of years, Universal Games has been running ads for mockup Jurassic World mobile games (embedded above), and if you would click the link it would take you to a survey about the concept. It’s likely that Primal Ops is the proper realization of this collection of user research, which frequently were built around top-down shooters much like The Lost World game on Sega Genesis.

The game was described as the following:

Dinosaurs roam the earth. Can your team save
them all?

Dinosaurs have been released and are running
wild. It’s up to you and your team to rescue the
dinosaurs from poachers, relocate dangerous
carnivores to safety, and train your team of
human experts and dinosaur companions as you
encounter increasingly difficult situations.


– Real-time Jurassic World action-combat gameplay

– Strategize your team upgrades and train your dinosaur companion to unlock challenging missions

– Outsmart enemies as you compete to rescue your next dinosaur

– Create your own playstyle through epic powerups hidden inside the levels in each mission

Ultimately not much is known about the game at this point, or if that mockup game and user survey were related, but be sure follow Jurassic Outpost for the latest updates!

What kind are you hoping ‘JURASSIC WORLD PRIMAL OPS’ will be? Let us know in the comments!

New Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous LEGO Sets Available Now!

Jurassic World builders rejoice!

Five new Jurassic LEGO sets have been released for the world to construct and enjoy. The sets feature new moments with dinosaurs and characters from both Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous.

The first new set available is the T. rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition:

This set includes mini-figures of Camp Cretaceous‘ Darius and Jurassic World‘s Owen Grady, a baby triceratops, and a fantastic T. rex fossil display in a setting that resembles a natural history museum. Other items included are a fossil diagram, museum equipment, and a dinosaur egg.

Order now: Amazon | Entertainment Earth

Next up is the Carnotaurus Dinosaur Chase set:

This set features mini-figures of Camp Cretaceous‘ Kenji and Sammy being pursued by a Carnotaurus in a vehicle that directly resembles those used by camp counselors in Camp Cretaceous. Close behind in a Jurassic World helicopter is a mini-figure of Owen Grady, seemingly launching a non-lethal round at the Carnotaurus.

Order now: Amazon | Entertainment Earth

Then comes the Baryonyx Dinosaur Boat Escape set:

This set includes mini-figures of Camp Cretaceous‘ Darius and Yaz and Jurassic World‘s Owen Grady, a Jurassic World “guard”, a Baby Velociraptor, and a full size Baryonyx whose coloring resembles that of Grim from Camp Cretaceous. Darius, Owen, and the Guard are being menaced by the Baryonyx on a boat marked “28” in the Jurassic World colors next to the staple T. rex logo. Yaz is in pursuit on a small boat with the Baby Velociraptor and what seem to be multiple dinosaur eggs.

Order now: Amazon | Entertainment Earth

Next is the Stygimoloch Dinosaur Escape set:

This set features mini-figures of Camp Cretaceous‘ Ben and Brooklynn and Jurassic World‘s Claire Dearing, a Baby Ankylosaurus, and a Stygimoloch. Claire is driving a vehicle that resembles those used in Camp Cretaceous behind the escaping Stygimoloch while Brooklynn prepares to fire a tranquilizer at the dino. Ben, however, is doing his own thing with his baby ankylosaur pal near a very cool tree-slide construction.

Order now: Amazon | Entertainment Earth

And finally, the T. rex and Triceratops Dinosaur Breakout set:

This set is branded under LEGO’s Duplo brand, which is generally targeted toward younger builders. It includes more stylized versions of the T. rex and Triceratops, a stylized version of Jurassic World‘s Owen Grady on his motorcycle, and the iconic Jurassic World gates.

Order now: Amazon

These sets are exciting for Jurassic builders and collectors of all ages – and while they’re not based upon any specific scenes, we expect even more LEGO with Camp Cretaceous Season 4 due out in December, and Jurassic World Dominion in June 2022!

What do you think about the characters, dinosaurs, and moments showcased in these new sets? Let us know below!

All are available for purchase now on the LEGO, Amazon, and Target websites!

Images courtesy of LEGO, Target, and TheBrickFan.