Universal clarifies: No plans yet for a Jurassic World 2 teaser trailer

Sorry all, it seems we all got a little too caught up in the excitement when Daniella Pineda tweeeted that a teaser was coming soon. It sounded too good to be true, and it appears that was the case. We contacted Universal, asking if they could comment on or corroborate the reports of a teaser trailer being around the corner, and they were direct with their answer:

“No plans yet for a teaser trailer. Not sure what is being shown at the London wrap party, but it’s not official marketing materials.”

The first Jurassic World did not see a trailer released until November 2014, and it seems likely the latest installment will stick close to the distribution pattern. However, next month is #JurassicJune, and the 22nd marks the one year until the Jurassic World sequel hits theaters mark – news hitting around this time seems to be a given, even if it is not footage. Perhaps a final title and logo?

Image not official

June also marks e3 (13th-15th), and fans are hopeful that it may mark the announcement of the long rumored Jurassic World Survivor. A video game is long overdue in the Jurassic Park universe, and the potential is nearly endless – with any luck, June will deliver the goods.

Until then, enjoy the fun teases Daniella posted about Jurassic World 2, and stay tuned for the latest news!

Daniella Pineda has seen Jurassic World 2 footage, and says a teaser is coming “soon”!

Update 2: “No plans yet for a teaser trailer.” – Universal Pictures

Update: the footage, though described as a trailer by some, was not an actual trailer but a sizzle reel of scenes.

Hold on to your butts – something is coming (and this time it’s not our website rebrand being mistaken as the Jurassic World 2 title). A Jurassic World 2 trailer is looming on the horizon, ready to break free at any moment. Well, ok, it may not be that dramatic or soon – but it sounds like we will get a trailer before November at any rate.

Jurassic World 2 star Daniella Pineda took to Twitter this evening to hold a spontaneous AMA – and she teased quite bit about the upcoming Jurassic World sequel. During last nights London wrap party, the cast and crew were treated with a reel of behind the scenes footage, as well as the very first Jurassic World 2 trailer! Daniella had this to say about the trailer:

“UK WRAPPED. HAWAII AWAITS. Guys, I’ve seen footage. It gave me SHIVERS. Oh it’s BAAD (as in James Brown GOOD). When you look at the footage, it FEELS like the biggest movie ever made. It’s going to be VERY special. Trust me, and I hate EVERYTHING.”

The praise is to be expected from someone working on the project themselves, but it’s hard not to get a little excited by it all the same. Jurassic super fan and twitter frequenter  Matt (@Sickle_Claw) replied to her tweet about the footage, asking when fans could expect to see it. She replied with good news:

Daniella also shared a few more promising teases about the upcoming sequel, including animatronics and a return to the sensibilities of Jurassic Park:

While we’re on a kick with Daniella, check out this great picture of her with BD Wong at the wrap party:

@wongbd ??❤️

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While she seems confident that fans will have a teaser soon, I would recommend everyone holds off from being too expectant. Soon is quite vague, and could really mean anything – however, Jurassic June is inbound, and June 22nd marks the one year until release date. Perhaps fans can expect something around then, as the timing would be perfect!

What I find most curious is that even Daniella Pineda does not know the real title of the movie – and it seems they have whipped together a JP3 style logo in meantime. Will the title come before the teaser, or will the teaser use the “Jurassic World II” logo as seen at the after party?

As always, stay tuned for the latest news – and sound off in the comments below with what you want to see the trailer!

Jurassic World 2 has wrapped shooting in London!

It’s official: cameras have stopped rolling in London for Jurassic World 2 (or will stop very soon). Tonight the cast and crew congregated at the Natural History Museum in London to celebrate this event with the official wrap party! While the movie itself still has a little over a month left to film in Hawaii, this marks a very important milestone in the production.

Cameras first rolled on the upcoming Jurassic World sequel February 23rd, 2017 – can you believe it’s been 93 days already? The production has filmed quite steadily for those 93 days, though it appears to have typically taken the weekends off. We know Bryce Dallas Howard filmed for 40 days of that shoot, while Daniella Pineda filmed for 59 days – could she be the new lead?

So this just happened!! Met Chris Pratt, just hanging out. #wrapparty #nightwiththestars #chrispratt #justdoingmyjob

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Filming is expected to start in Hawaii around June 5th, and wrap July 15th – so hold on to your butts, we’re on the final stretch! Until then, we can stare at the logo from the wrap party above, and hope to god ‘Jurassic World 2’ isn’t the final title. Our bet is they will go less in the direction of Jurassic Park 3, and more in the direction of The Lost World when naming the highly anticipated sequel.

Stay tuned – more news and official images are sure to drop in the future! Until then, sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!

New Photos Show Jurassic World 2 Filming at Airfield

The sequel to Jurassic World is now more than half way through filming in various locations across the UK and while we have been careful with what set photos we share, Air First Ltd have shared some stills that show the cast and crew filming at an airfield.

As usual we will provide a friendly spoiler warning – if you don’t want to know anything about the movie then turn away now, but rest assured the photos are not huge spoilers.

Luckily the movies always include some form of air travel, be it aeroplanes or helicopters, so the below confirms nothing new.


While we don’t know the context of the scene being filmed, it would appear as though a group of characters are being filmed boarding one of the planes. Notice the light and large flag that’s being used to reduce the sun hitting the walkway leading up to the plane.

The Facebook post itself states that the people seen sitting around the table are actually stunt doubles and if that is the case then they are the doubles for Daniella Pineda, Justice Smith and the man standing could be Chris Pratt’s double.

There’s always something happening at Airfirst! … Blackbushe at a standstill as the film crew takeover to shoot for ‘Jurassic World 2’ today … the stunt double team relaxing at Christabelle’s tables … FPSA, RAAM and BIJV ‘disguised’ as N Reg aircraft at an ‘American’ (Blackbushe!) airfield. Great weather but restricted flying this week!

What do you make of this news? Where could that plane be heading? Do let us know in the comments section below and be sure to check out our latest podcast where we celebrate The Lost World’s 20th Anniversary and discuss (as you’d expect) Jurassic World 2!

Source: AirFirst

The Lost World: Jurassic Park turns 20!

Everybody’s favourite sequel to Jurassic Park has turned twenty! 1997’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park was released in theaters exactly twenty years ago today, four years after Jurassic Park. The sequel was directed by Steven Spielberg and penned by David Koepp, and was loosely based on Michael Crichton’s novel of the same name.

Over the years the sequel has gained some critical reviews, mainly focusing on how different it is to the book and due to the final scene, which brought the Tyrannosaurus Rex to the mainland. However, there is also a lot of love for it. For me it’s as enjoyable and thrilling as Jurassic Park; I love how distinctively different the aesthetic is to the first film, how gritty, dirty and dark the cinematography is compared to Dean Cundey’s, but how the film managed to retain the same themes and values from the first.

In a way, it’s a perfect sequel – it holds the beliefs of the original and maintains a familiar setting, but builds a darker and scarier tone.

The animatronics, the visual effects, the characters, the vehicles, the Goldblum, the lighting… everything about this movie is Jurassic Park.

What will you be doing to celebrate The Lost World’s 20th anniversary? If you’re in the UK and near to London, the Prince Charles Cinema is showing the first two films back to back in a 35mm print – this is worth checking out! There is also a screening of the first three films at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, animation director Randal M. Dutra recently spoke with vfxblog about his work on the film, and reflected on the early days of visual effects within the film industry.

Randal worked for Tippett Studio on Jurassic Park and was heavily involved in the stop-motion technology that Phil Tippett pioneered. After the success of Jurassic Park he moved to ILM as an Animation Director, and discusses his work on the film in detail. Worth the read! Thanks to Ian for sending this our way.

Let us know if and why you love this sequel in the comments section below – just follow the screams.

Volcanic Jurassic World 2 marketing art and tagline erupts at Licensing Expo 2017 (updated)

Life finds a way – and so does Jurassic World 2 news, for that matter.  As Licensing Expo 2017 prepares to open tomorrow (the 23rd), the first marketing materials have appeared in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. While the primary assets are just renders and images from the first Jurassic World marketing art, the backdrops and compositions are entirely new.

The image first appeared on Instagram via user curvycamera (first reported by Reel News Hawaii)

#viewfrommyoffice today… #licensingexpo

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The first thing that caught my eye was the iconic “Life Finds a Way” tagline – could this be the new marketing slogan akin to ‘The Park is Open’? While the title and logo for the sequel are still closely guarded secrets, what I immediately noticed was a theme on all the banners (other than the Mosasaurus one) – they seem to feature orange glowing embers blowing around in the background and foreground. Could the rumors of a plot line with a Volcano be true?

Some on Twitter even suggest that it may be a Volcano behind Chris Pratt and the Gallimimus on the top left – it’s slightly unclear in the one image available, but we’re hoping to have closer and clearer pictures soon. One thing is clear, while the image of the dinosaur and Chris Pratt as Owen are not new, the backdrop pictured was never used in previous Jurassic World marketing. Plus, it meshes well with JA Bayonas birthday cake, which had a volcanic look as well:

Update! A new photo of the banners show a clear volcanic theme!

This one is for@chrislikesdinos #jurassicpark #licensingexpo #geekmom #geeklife

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We also have some glimpses at the Universal booth at the expo – and it’s clear that Jurassic World 2 is a huge push for the studio. These images come via Instagram user heavydeathrobes


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In 2014 Universal brought the first Jurassic World to Licensing Expo, and unveiled some of the first products that teased things like an open park and Mosasaurus (see below). While at this point we’re unsure if what they’re bringing will be shown publicly, or be kept behind closed doors, we know the Jurassic World sequel and Jurassic Park 25th anniversary will be represented.

Stay tuned – as news and images hit the web from the latest Licensing Expo in Las Vegas we will be sure to to keep you updated! With any luck, Universal will showcase something new for fans to dissect.

Jurassic World 2 casting for Hawaii shoot: Filming June 5th – July 15th; looking for “Military types”!

UPDATE: The portal to submit has been removed, allegedly at Universals request. It is possible the submission email was not meant to be public, or they received too large of an influx of submissions and temporarily suspended entries. Stay tuned for any updates – and in the meantime, if you’re in Hawaii it may be best to contact local casting centers and inquire about work on ‘Ancient Futures’.

Original article:

Live in Hawaii? Want to be in a Jurassic Park film? Now’s your chance! Universal Pictures is looking for photo doubles and extras for Jurassic World 2 under the working title of ‘Ancient Futures’. The roles available are the following:

  • Photo Double No. 1: 6’ 1/2”; light-skinned Pacific Islander or Hispanic; muscular build; mostly bald with short, dark hair on sides and back; age range: 20s-40s. Chest and coat size: 44-46; waist: 39.5”, inseam: 35”; collar: 18”.
  • Photo Double No. 2: 6’2”; fair-skinned Caucasian; very muscular build; dark hair; age range: 20s-40s. Chest and coat size: 48-51; waist: 42”; inseam: 33”; collar: 18.8”.
  • Background actors/extras: Male and female military types: Age range: 20s-40s.

Filming is taking place on Oahu, and you must be available between June 5th and July 15th, 2017. The Jurassic World sequel has been filming in and around London since February 23rd, and will likely wrap its filming run and go into post after these Hawaii dates. If you think you fit the bill for any of those roles, don’t miss this opportunity – follow this link for how to submit!

I can’t stress enough how cool of an opportunity this is – so don’t miss out! As a general disclaimer, please don’t submit yourself for the roles unless you can actually film in Hawaii on those dates. Otherwise, you’ll just make the job of the casting directors needlessly complicated and frustrating.

Will you try to partake in the Hawaii shoot? Let us know in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for the latest news!

Source: SAG Actor on Facebook

Jurassic World’s Claire Dearing – A Character Study

Claire Dearing. Who is she? Where did she come from and what gives her the right to lead (yes, I said lead) a Jurassic film? In the words of John Hammond, “I’ll show you.”

I would like to present you all with a challenge. Your attitude toward Claire Dearing will be improved after reading this character analysis, whether it be loathing to hatred or love to further adoration. I challenge you not to be affected by this study. You’ve accepted the challenge? Great! Let’s go…

Claire is complex. She is a multifaceted character with deeply layered undertones and intricately placed certainties mixed with uncertainties. Jurassic movies have always been character pieces with a moral glimpse at human nature. The Jurassic franchise may be famous for featuring dinosaurs, but it has never been about the dinosaurs. It has always revolved around the choices made by humans and how they deal with the circumstances from playing God. The humans are always trying to clean up the moral mistakes they’ve made based on their own fatal flaws. That is the basis of the Jurassic franchise. The dinosaurs have always acted as props in this cautionary tale.

Jurassic World is no different. Claire is a deeply flawed character with specific character traits that evolve throughout the entire two hours and four minutes. I know what you’re thinking, ‘Jennifer, I saw the movie, tell me something I don’t know’. Ok. Jurassic World is actually Claire’s journey of self-discovery. The foundation behind this 4th installment is the story of someone who did not conform to the standards of a stereotypical hero, but instead stayed true to oneself by finding their own INNER strength and knowledge to save the day.

When we are first introduced to Claire, she immediately displays several emotions and you can already see a crack in her armor. She holds this high position and does what is expected of her, but is still uncertain of herself when no one is watching. Claire goes through many tones just in this introduction. There is a vulnerability and softness that comes through, but only for the viewer to see, before we’re introduced to who Claire was trained to be. She is always wavering on the struggle between what’s right and what should be done; this can be said for all the Jurassic ‘heroes’.

Claire reminds me of someone who grew up playing with dinosaur toys, someone who had a huge imagination with constantly flowing ideas and a strong mind for executing them. This is why she chose the career she did. However, the corporate ladder can be a damaging place. Once she began climbing, those characteristics from childhood were quickly frowned upon. She was trained consciously and unconsciously of what was acceptable and how to act in this setting. The higher she climbed, the more she lost touch with her inner self and forgot why she wanted to work at Jurassic World in the first place.

While we may forget a piece of ourselves, it never forgets us. It’s always there trying to peak through the cracks. Here, in this story, we get to watch as the cracks are broken and Claire’s true self is revealed. She is insecure, she is unsure, she is scared, but her compassion and her connection with her humanity shines through and it is that vulnerability and staying true to one’s self that is refreshing.  She is not a superhero, she is a regular person in an extreme circumstance brought about by her own fatal flaws.

The first important scene for Claire is when she jumps to the conclusion that the Indominus Rex has escaped. This is a case of Claire showing that she is not as confident as she led on. The uncertainty displayed in her first introduction is surfaced once again, but so is the pressure to ‘make it happen at all costs’. Once again, she’s pulled between who she is and what she is supposed to do and maintain. The audience is also pulled with her in both directions due to having been let into her vulnerability early on. However, her corporate built ego and status cannot allow for such an error as this, so she must act in haste. This could come across as an unintelligent move, but understanding the stakes weighing on Claire and her already displayed lack of true confidence to the viewer, the viewer can follow her decision and understand it. Much like trying to solve a quick mishap at work before the boss finds out. We’ve all been there and we’ve all made that reckless decision. When things start to implode around her, all she knows is her assets and her park. She did not plan for there ever to be a catastrophe of this magnitude. Her initial reaction to the dinosaur’s false escape demonstrated exactly that.

This decision spirals out of control, rapidly growing into a company-wide problem which is now all on Claire. Deep down, Claire is not heartless and she is not cold. One of the most important scenes for Claire is when the Indominus is ripping through the ACU team. Masrani continues with the façade of ‘company first, park first, asset first’. “It was an eventuality” he says, fully unaware of this moral compass. Claire tries to maintain that same level, but it is now evident that she is losing that inner battle between what’s right and what she was trained believe is right. You see her start to break down and show concern for the park’s operation, the safety of the guests, the safety of the employees, the safety of her assets, amongst her own worry of what others will think of her. She has to be in charge, she has to make another rash decision, but this time, she begins to question what that even means in this situation. She has a quick glimpse of ‘wait a minute, what are we doing?’ which makes the delivery of “YOU ARE NOT IN control…here” one of her best lines in the film. She is not in control, but is still keeping the façade, for now. Masrani doesn’t give it a second thought when making the best corporate decision, but now Claire is giving everything a second thought. The inner battle between her two worlds is colliding. Here she is truly concerned for human life, she remembers her nephews, her perspective and priorities are changing.

This all leads to the most important scene for Claire, the dying Apatosaurus. Here in this scene, Claire sees what she’s become. She sees the consequences of her corporate actions, not on a spreadsheet, not in the stock market, but in real flesh and blood. Here Claire remembers the dinosaur loving girl with a big imagination. The emotional flood of mistakes, regret, and compassion comes flooding back and her tears were not only for the Apatosaurus, but also for what she has become and who she has forgotten.

Throughout the film, Claire showed weakness, uncertainty, fear, but she also displayed extreme bravery. She was out of her element and didn’t back down. She didn’t give up. She didn’t leave with everybody else. Claire is the true hero of the story and should be a hero to young girls. Claire proved that you don’t have to sacrifice your identity to be a hero. You can find your own inner hero by using your own personal strengths to their advantage.

Claire is an average person using average person strengths to deal with the extreme circumstances happening around her. She is not a superhero, but she is resourceful. She will do whatever it takes to save her park and those in it. It is extremely refreshing to see someone who comes from strictly an education/business background take charge and save the day WITHOUT losing who she is. She didn’t change her clothes, she didn’t find boots, she didn’t even put her hair up! Claire did not change for anybody. She stayed true to who she was and what she knew. THAT is a true hero in my book. She did not conform to the standards of a stereotypical hero. Claire remained herself completely, and through her own INNER strength and knowledge, she saved the day. That is an empowering message. Claire showed that you don’t have to take on boy-like traits to do incredible things.

Releasing the T-Rex was Claire using the strengths of what she knows best. She knows her park assets and she knows what the right asset would be to counter the current problem. Instead of magically becoming a dinosaur expert, she used her problem solving skills and the knowledge acquired from her job. She stayed true to herself no matter what obstacles were being thrown at her and she handled them the best way she knew how in the business that she knew. This was a key point in her reliability factor. By cutting to the heels while running, that’s reminding the audience who Claire is. It reinforced to them that she is still the same business Claire we met in the beginning, but now she’s finding her inner strength through her area of expertise.

Director, Colin Trevorrow, didn’t try and change her character to fit the hero mold. It would have been unrealistic if all of a sudden she became a fearless superhero by the end. There are going to be three movies in this trilogy and this is just part one. If Claire changed that drastically in just this one film, not only would she have nowhere to go in the next two, but it would have been highly unrealistic and not relatable at all. Her transition has just begun.

It was a brave choice to put a character like Claire in an action film and not make her the villain, and then to take it a step further by showing the audience her inner battle and journey of self-discovery. Claire found the strength she never knew she had and that’s more inspiring than any hero-type character. At the end, Claire was defeated, broken, and lost. She never once expressed joy that it was over, she didn’t smile and cheer that they survived. She was traumatized by the end of this film. That is realistic and a testament to Claire’s true character. She was fragile and scared, but she found her inner strength and persevered.

I believe Claire is a regular girl who grew up with a love for dinosaurs and a limitless imagination. She got lost along the way, but through Jurassic World, we get to watch her unfolding journey of self-discovery. We get to peek through the cracks and then watch as new cracks appear and discover who that real person is underneath. However, the viewer might not like that person underneath, and that’s ok, but you can’t deny that there IS a complex person there. One filled with insecurities, conditioned a certain way, but due to her own fatal flaws, found herself in circumstances that required her to rise above higher than she knew she could. Claire is very human, she makes human mistakes, she loses control, she finds the strength, but remains broken at the end. Keep this in mind the next time you watch Jurassic World. Listen for the vocal cracks, the uncertain looks masked in certainty, the constant inner battle, and the rediscovery of one’s self only to find that she’s lost and broken.

Claire’s journey is about moving past the illusion. John Hammond build Jurassic Park based on an illusion. The franchise’s moral basis focused on man creating an illusion. Man created Claire’s illusion. Man created dinosaurs. Claire broke through that illusion, because of dinosaurs, and found herself.

What are your thoughts on Claire? Are you excited to see her transition through the next two movies? Do let us know in the comments section below.

New set photos from Jurassic World 2 tease Jurassic Park connections!

Jurassic World 2 director JA Bayona took to Twitter today to celebrate being over halfway done filming the latest Jurassic Park sequel with a mysterious new image from the set. Captioned only with “Over half way now! #JW2”, he let the image speak for itself:

The image is immediately recognizable as a amber topped cane, much like that of John Hammond’s in Jurassic Park – however, it is not the same one. John Hammond’s is shaped different (most noticeable on the top of the cane where the amber ‘egg’ attaches), is white rather than dark brown, and of course, features a prehistoric mosquito inside. This mysterious amber piece does not have a mosquito inside but rather something else. While it’s hard to say what exactly is inside, it appears to be plant material, or perhaps damaged soft tissue from a prehistoric creature (such as blood).

Who the cane belongs to is unknown, but we’re willing to bet it’s Benjamin Lockwood played by James Cromwell. Cromwell recently shared details about his character, saying that he was John Hammonds old partner and helped develop the technology to resurrect dinosaurs from extinction. It seems likely that they each had their own unique canes made to commemorate the achievement (of course, we assume their relationship went sour sometime afterwards, because otherwise why have we never heard of Lockwood?)

To further add to the excitement of today, Jurassic World director and JW2 writer/producer Colin Trevorrow took to Twitter to tease the return of Dr. Ian Malcolm:

While the picture doesn’t necessarily mean Jeff Goldblum is filming yet, Frank Marshall’s tweet does seem to allude to his first day of filming on the project being today. And that would make sense, as they wouldn’t need to clutter the set with a chair for a man who has yet to arrive! It seems our favorite mathematician – uh, chaotician – is back in action. I’m not sure what I’m more excited to learn: his role in the story, or if he will steal the show with a randomly dramatic shirtless scene akin to Jurassic Park.

In one other bit of news: yesterday was JA Bayona’s birthday, so wish him a happy belated one if you haven’t already! To celebrate, the Jurassic World crew presented him with a custom cake:

While we can’t glean much from it, it’s interesting they choose a red and orange color pallet rather than JW’s blue. Could this be the direction of the Jurassic World 2 logo – and am I crazy, or does the cake outside of the logo look a little like volcanic rock?

Let us hope the title and logo are revealed soon – the only lead we have is the sequel might have the word ‘Epoch‘ in its name. It would make sense, the return of dinosaurs would mark a significant change, and shift us past the Anthropocene Epoch.

As always, sound off in the comment below and our forums, and stay tuned for the latest news!

Ian Malcolm will be a ‘saucy, sassy man’ in Jurassic World Sequel

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Jeff Goldblum, who will be reprising his role of Dr. Ian Malcolm in the upcoming Jurassic World sequel, talked a little bit about what we should expect when his character returns.

You’ve also got an upcoming role in Jurassic World 2. What are you looking forward to about your return to that franchise?

Off I go in a few weeks to London, where they’ve been hard at work, and I’ll try to contribute something to the plate of dino-entertainment. I like my character. I think my character is a saucy, sassy man of some integrity and deep thinking. And of course, that whole world continues to be popular, slam-bang, top entertainment. I talked to the director, J.A. Bayona, over the phone. I enjoyed his movie The Impossible with Naomi Watts, and he’s something else. I didn’t realize he was a good friend of a friend of mine, a director I worked with a while ago in Spain named Fernando Trueba, who’s just fantastic. Knowing that the two of them are brethren and brotherly in their friendship makes me feel very good, too. Even though some might say it’s popcorn-y entertainment (top-notch, of course), in our conversation he was very focused on the serious issues of greed as it oftentimes comes up in those movies, and the marvels of science and reason and the very fascinating point at which our species finds itself both in real life and in this imaginary world too. I’m very interested in that myself, so I’m looking forward to this. I’ve got a few things to do. I’m nothing if not conscientious, so I’m enjoying working on it every day.

So what do you think about Goldblum’s comments about Ian Malcolm and working with director J.A. Bayona? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: Entertainment Weekly