Jeff Goldblum Talks Filming ‘Dominion’ with Original Co-Stars, and New Set Images Reveal Dinosaurs in Malta (Spoilers)

After travelling to the UK earlier in the month, Jeff Goldblum has started shooting his return as Dr. Ian Malcolm in Universal’s latest Jurassic outing, Jurassic World: Dominion.

Talking with Insider, Goldblum revealed that his first day on set was with none other than fellow Jurassic Park alums Sam Neill and Laura Dern. Trying to remain tight lipped, he further revealed they’d been working in very tight quarters, in a scene involving a brand new dinosaur.

“You’ll see — it’s a mystery you’ll solve when you see [the movie.] The three of us were in a tiny little space and we were being menaced by — I can’t even tell you — a surprising faction of prehistoric creatures that you’ve never seen before.”

In line with what we heard from director Colin Trevorrow, Goldblum confirmed that the animatronics really are back in force for the sixth film and just as terrifying as they were 27 years ago.

“There are a lot of animatronic things going on, so there is going to be less CGI I think, and lots of things that we can act with and see with our own eyes. We saw some amazing things. We were acting in a life and death situation,” Goldblum said of the scene he shot with Dern and Neil. “We think it might be the last moments of our lives and we’re all bonding with each other in an emotional and somewhat hilarious way.”

In the interview he goes on to confirm he will be shooting until the end of October, welcome news for those who were disappointed by his limited return in 2018’s Fallen Kingdom.

A fresh glimpse at some of Dominion’s larger set pieces has also surfaced on twitter courtesy of user Brycenator100. Due to potential spoilers, you’ll need to click the image to reveal it.

The ice covered cliff faces match up to early images we’ve seen of some of the other sets constructed at Pinewood’s UK lot, however the inclusion of a downed Royal Navy helicopter raises even more questions about where the film will take us globally. At the close of Fallen Kingdom, we saw various dinosaur species being shipped off to lands unknown, perhaps they’ve finally made it across the Atlantic?

In other photos taken from the filming in Malta, we can see two dinosaur head statues used for lighting references and eye lines for actors, and while the heads themselves aren’t of the best quality due to only being references for post-production, many fans have speculated as to what species they may be.

A video was also captured showing some of the filming involving Chris Pratt’s character Owen riding a motorbike through thin roads in Malta. It appears that he is being chased, not riding alongside Velociraptors this time.

It’s also worth noting that, as confirmed in our Malta article last week, they are using a stunt double, as Chris Pratt has not traveled to Malta.

We discuss the above set photos and more on the latest podcast, which you can listen to below:

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Jurassic becomes first major live-action film franchise to average $1 billion per film

Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Harry Potter and Fast and Furious are all major live-action Hollywood franchises that not only entertain and shape generations of moviegoers, but also dominate at the global box office. But despite all those franchises’ success, there is only one live-action film franchise (with 2+ films) that averages $1 billion worldwide per film and it might shock the average person of which franchise that is: Jurassic Park.

That is right, the Jurassic Park franchise, which currently stands at 5 films (with the 6th film, Jurassic World: Dominion currently in production for a June 11, 2021 release), is the only live-action movie franchise to reach this amazing feat. With the Covid-19 re-release of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom this Summer in multiple countries and some theatrical showings of Jurassic World, the franchise global total has finally crossed the $5 billion mark ($5,069,589,335 to be exact as of this writing).

One might argue that the re-release of those films to push it over the top is unfair, but most major film franchise’s see re-releases from time to time, including other big ones like Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So how does this all break down for the Jurassic films compared to the others? Well lets start with Jurassic Park.

Before 2015, the Jurassic franchise consisted of only three films, Jurassic Park (1993), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) and Jurassic Park III (2001). The worldwide grosses of those three films are $1,033,756,460, $618,638,999 and $368,780,809 which totals $2.02 billion, or about $673.7 million per film. So how did the franchise go from averaging $673.7 million to $1 billion? In 2015 the release of the fourth film in the series, Jurassic World demolished box office records at the time on the way to a massive global haul of $1,670,400,637. Three years later the fifth film, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, while not as massive as it’s predecessor, was still one of the biggest film’s of all-time with $1,378,012,430. Add those all up and you have a franchise that makes it to the $1 billion per film average.

So if you are still surprised or asking “Well what about Star Wars or Marvel, they have to be at or close to an average of $1 billion also”. Those are indeed massive franchises with at least one film in each that has made over $2 billion individually, but overall still behind Jurassic in terms of averages. Star Wars has 11 theatrical films that average $937.4 million per film and if you include 2008’s Star Wars: The Clone Wars as the 12th film, the average drops to $859.8 million. The Marvel Cinematic Universe currently has 23 films that average $982 million. Some other major franchises that are near the top of the list include the Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts films ($923.8 million average), Pirates of the Caribbean ($904.9 million), The Hunger Games ($742.0 million) and (Fast and Furious ($654.9 million).

But there has to be a catch right, is Jurassic REALLY the highest grossing franchise in Hollywood on average? Yes, and well, also no. It is the highest grossing live-action film series per film, but it is not the highest grossing film series per film overall. There is one other franchise that can claim that title: Disney’s animated Frozen films. Currently sitting at two films, the series is averaging a very impressive $1.37 billion per film.

While Jurassic might be the only current $1 billion per film live-action franchise it will be interesting to see if a series like Star Wars or Marvel can ever reach those heights too since they are not that far off. It will also be something to watch if Jurassic can maintain that level with the series adding Jurassic World: Dominion next Summer. If Dominion can earn at least $1 billion itself it will obviously stay in the exclusive $1 billion per film club. Based on past results, the movie going audiences love for new films in the series it is a no-brainer that the new film would reach those heights. However, the wrench in the whole thing is the current world climate with the Covid-19 pandemic and the complete uncertainty of the film landscape going forward. Will the virus be gone, or at least contained enough that normalcy resumes? Will theaters be open at 100% capacity? Will some theaters even fail to re-open after their financial losses, especially in a very big box office market in China? There are a lot of rough waters that a blockbuster like Dominion will have to navigate.

The other thing Jurassic has proven and earned is the right to exist as a franchise. Not everyone loves all the films, and people will always question certain choices by the filmmakers and not everyone will always agree with with the direction the movies take. Like any other film series though, some absolutely love every aspect of it, and there are people that hate everything too. You can’t please everyone and every series will have its positives and negatives. But you can’t deny that there is a global thirst and want for these films. It is a franchise that if a new film is released, people will flock to see it. You might see people on social media or even national movie critics ask things like “Why are they making another?”, “Jurassic is not a franchise”, “It is time to let the series die”, “No one asked for another Jurassic movie”, yet what they fail to realize is that how well these films do, people do want more films and they don’t want the series to end. If you don’t want to watch another Jurassic film, then don’t, no one is forcing you to, but it is still going to have a major turnout, excitement and box office haul.

So what do you think of the Jurassic franchise being the only live-action film franchise to average $1 billion per film globally? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Filming in Malta for ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ to be Scaled Back After Surge in COVID-19 Infections

Deadline have reported that the filming in Malta for the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion, set to begin at the end of this month, will be scaled back due to the island having received an increase in Covid-19 cases.

They report that Sam Neill, Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt will no longer be traveling to the country to film.

There were reports last week from sources in Malta claiming that four crew members set to work on Dominion when the production arrived have tested positive for the virus and are now self-isolating. A Universal Pictures spokesperson also confirmed the report in the New York Times article from last week that stated that four crew members in the UK have tested positive for the virus since early July. Those four were isolated and none became seriously ill.

The country has received a spike this month in cases, and arrivals from the UK will be required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival. Those 14 days can severely disrupt the filming schedule and while Universal have a cohesive plan for filming during this pandemic, they would naturally want to limit further delays to the production with mandatory quarantines and possible exposure to the virus.

Universal Pictures provided Deadline with this statement:

“Jurassic World: Dominion will have a significant presence in Malta with a second unit crew shooting there from the end of August through to September. Working with an abundance of caution as we have done throughout this production, first unit will no longer shoot in Malta to keep our presence on the ground to a minimum. We’d like to thank the Maltese Government and Film Commission for all their support and we look forward to a successful shoot in this beautiful country.”

The second unit shoot, while still large with roughly 200 crew members, is now at a 50% reduction from what had been planned. The crew will be made up of local professionals and some crew arriving from the UK.

In June, when filming was announced to be resuming, Universal Pictures reportedly had spent $5 million on safety precautions. That figure has reportedly jumped to $9 million, with the New York Times article revealing the studio rented a whole hotel for some of the cast and crew.

While this news may come as a disappointment to some, cast and crew safety is far more important than the film itself, and it seems the studio will continue to take necessary precautions as they arise. The Maltese Government have every right to halt filming if they believe it to be a safety risk.

And if the cast and crew are looking for masks to wear on set, we have a few available.

New Look at Dinosaurs and Chris Pratt in ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’!

If you’re like us, every day you wake up wondering if it will be a Jurassic news day – but more often than not, we’re left waiting once again. However, today news found a way.

Courtesy of The New York Times, we have a new look behind the scenes at Jurassic World: Dominion via their article focusing on safety and filming during a pandemic. Featured inside are two very interesting images, which we take a look at below!

The first image we’re taking a look at features five Compsognathus peaking out from within a small iron cage. These Compies are some of the many practical animatronic and puppet dinosaurs that have been created by John Nolan Studios, and are the first time they’ve been practical since 1997’s The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Their designs look straight out of the classic films and we couldn’t be happier to see them getting more of a spotlight once again. Curiously, they’re not the first dinosaur we’ve seen in cages for this film, following the caged baby Nasutoceratops. Dinosaurs are free in our world, and that means the way mankind interacts with them will clearly evolve.

The second image is less straight forward, and features Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady and whom we believe to be DeWanda Wise’s ‘Kayla’ walking through a mysterious forest. While we’re unsure of the setting, the forest does look quite similar to Isla Sorna, which we know will be featured or mentioned in the upcoming Jurassic sequel in some capacity.

The post goes on to detail the extreme precautions the set is undertaking to ensure a healthy working environment for cast and crew, all laid out in a 107-page safety manual. One of they key things was ensuring the cast was happy with the set up, as they are essentially guinea pigs for what’s being done. An estimated $9 million was spent on additional safety protocols ranging from hand sanitizer stations to renting out an entire hotel for crew members. Official reps have indicated:

“Roughly 750 people are involved in the $200 million production of ‘Jurassic World,’ which restarted on July 6, and the set would normally be a hive of activity. But Universal has divided the production into two categories. The larger one is made up of the departments that don’t need access to the set during filming, like construction and props. The more exclusive category, called the Green Zone, includes the director, the cast and only essential crew, like camera operators and the sound department.”

Production seems to be progressing acceptably for everyone involved at the moment. Universal still has the film slated for June of next year, so only time will tell if Jurassic will be added to the growing list of movies delayed by the pandemic.

Be sure to tune in to our latest podcast episode where we analyze these new set photos in detail!

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Jake Johnson’s Lowery may not return in ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ due to scheduling conflicts

One of the biggest fan favorite characters of the Jurassic World trilogy may end up not making his return to the big screen after all. Originally it was announced that Jake Johnson would be reprising his role of Lowery Cruthers in Jurassic World: Dominion, but unfortunately due to the pandemic shutdown, it may not happen. Speaking exclusively with Collider, Jake talked about the conflict in schedule that has arisen due to Covid-19.

“I was getting ready to go out and then this pandemic hit and so everything got pushed and the schedule got rearranged, and now we’re trying to figure it out because obviously I’m in Stumptown and we’re going into Season 2 of that. So we’re figuring out the scheduling and how and if we can make it work. But Colin Trevorrow, the director, is a good friend, we’re old friends and we’ve been talking a lot and we’re trying to figure out how to do it.”

Though while it is now probably 50/50 at best that Lowery will be in Dominion, this does likely shed some light that the size of role the character might have appears to be very minor. Though if schedules do align and Jake is able to film his scenes as originally planned, could we potentially see a different looking Lowery?

“At one point I pitched that he has like a huge pony tail now and he’s got like an army jacket and he’s kind of going through some PTSD of what he lived through. I wanted the 70s glasses and he’s always smoking a cigarette, but luckily Colin said no so we’ll see what happens (laughs). I was like, ‘Man I think he should be tatted up from the ankles to the ears, he saw a dinosaur attack!’”

We discuss Jake Johnson’s possible return in Jurassic World: Dominion on the latest episode of our podcast, which you can listen to down below:

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Everything We Know About ‘Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous’

With the release of Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous on the horizon, we have compiled everything we currently know about the animated Netflix series into the video down below!

In a recently discovered interview with Polish website FilmWeb, executive producer of the show Colin Trevorrow revealed more details about the series and what we can expect from both the animation and the tone of the show.

“The animation is amazing. Dinosaurs move like animals, the characters are persuasive and emotional. You can certainly feel an element of horror as well. I am sure that after the premiere of the series there will be comments that, contrary to all expectations, our animation is really scary. The stakes are high. As in the movies, some heroes will not survive.

The show is aimed at children and young adults so it’s surprising to hear that some heroes will not survive. While we can safely say no children will succumb to the dinosaurs, that’s not to say the camp counselors or other park staff that we meet along the way may meet their demise at the claws of the dinosaurs, and that certainly means the show isn’t going to play everything safely.

Colin has been involved with the writing of the show and explained that he was able to join the writer’s room and be a part of that process, which not only ensures that Camp Cretaceous feels like the Jurassic World movies, but that the story itself fits within the canon of the franchise.

Between the release of the two Jurassic World movies many expected there to be content that expands that universe, be it a TV series, an animated show, a video game, but aside from the Lego tie-ins and The Evolution of Claire book, there hasn’t been a project that explored new ideas or pushed the wider story in any substantial way.

“Five years ago, I would have decided that we are not ready for this. I was very careful not to exploit this universe too much and go a step too far. The last two Jurassic World movies have captured the hearts of a new generation of dinosaur fans who expect more than one new movie every three years. They can, of course, play with toys and use their imaginations, but it’s worth giving them something to stimulate them to do so. I’m no longer a child myself, but I remember how it works.”

What are you most excited for in Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, and will be binge watching the show on September 18?

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Trevorrow Teases a Return to Isla Sorna in New Set Picture from ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’

The cast and crew have been back at work on ‘Dominion’ for a few weeks now and fans have been eagerly awaiting for pics from set. First we had Sam Neill post his Alan Grant hat, then Laura Dern posted her and Sam’s set chairs. Now we have our first pic from set sent to us by Colin Trevorrow!

The image shows a lab and a cold storage container labeled with “InGen” and “Site B Isla Sorna” on the front.

Now for some speculation. Right off the bat, the cold storage signs suggest this box contains embryos, more specifically embryos from Isla Sorna. Furthermore, its placement in a lab means that someone is making more dinosaurs from remnant InGen materials. With the recent confirmation of the return of Lewis Dodgson, it’s a pretty safe bet this location is inside of a Biosyn laboratory. While this picture alone does not confirm we will actually see the box’s recovery from Sorna, we can imagine the island is going to play a role in the plot of the upcoming film.

The last we saw Isla Sorna was in Jurassic Park III when Dr. Grant and friends crash landed on the island in 2001. Based on the viral marketing campaigns for Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, we know secret genetic work continued on Isla Sorna before the opening of the Jurassic World park. Is this container remnants of that secret work? Whatever it is, we know we are bound to discover more InGen secrets from the past.

We discuss this new set photo on the latest episode of our podcast, which you can listen to below:

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Sam Neill shows off Dr. Alan Grant’s hat for ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’!

It still might seem like a dream for Jurassic fans that the original trio of Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park are all reuniting on screen together for the first time since the 1993 film. All three currently are in the United Kingdom and began filming their roles this week for Jurassic World: Dominion at Pinewood Studios. Sam Neill even took time this morning on social media to tease the return of Dr. Alan Grant’s famous fedora!

The darker brown coloring of the hat is more closely resembling the hat he wore in Jurassic Park III, more so than the one he had in the original Jurassic Park, which was a more lighter color. Could this actually be the same hat that Grant lost in the Pteranodon Aviary on Isla Sorna that was recovered and later returned to him by Billy Brennan? Or does he have a full closet of these type of hats?

UPDATE: Later in day yesterday, Laura Dern took to Instagram to post a photo of production chairs for her character Dr. Ellie Sattler and Neill’s Dr. Alan Grant. The caption of the Instagram post read “Day one. Hello old friend. #jurassicworlddominion.

What is interesting about the chair and has sparked debate across the Jurassic fandom is that Ellie’s last name is “Sattler”. In Jurassic Park III her character had married Mark Degler, who worked in the State Department. There are several theories as to why Ellie would have the last name of Sattler in Dominion. The most simplest reason, perhaps she never took Mark’s last name after marriage. Other theories include that the two have since divorced, Ellie is a widow or that maybe Dominion will sort of gloss over the fact that she was married in Jurassic Park III.

Be sure to check out our latest InGeneral Podcast episode where we discuss the hat, the chairs, and a lot more!

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‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ filming to shift to Malta at the end of August

As reported last October, Jurassic World: Dominion will be filming on the Mediterranean island of Malta. Today it was announced by Malta film commissioner Johann Grech that the 6th film in the Jurassic franchise will be heading to the island at the end of August.

Various locations around the island will be used as part of the shoot including Valletta, Vittoriosa, Mellieħa and Pembroke. Stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt and Sam Neill are among those expected to be on the island for this portion of filming. According to Tourism Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli, Dominion is just one of nine international productions expected on Malta this year.

“Starting with Jurassic World: Dominion, other multi million projects will follow with huge investment in our economy, creating more jobs for anyone working in the film industry in Malta”

Also slipped into the article from Times Malta, they indicate that Dominion’s production budget is €200 million, which would equal almost $235 million. While that number has yet to be officially announced and verified, that would be a tremendous investment from Universal Pictures into their most profitable franchise. For comparison, Jurassic World’s budget was $150 million and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s budget was $170 million.

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