Jurassic World 4 Begins Filming in Thailand Ahead of Four Month Global Production Schedule

Filming has begun on the next installment of the Jurassic World franchise! The Gareth Edwards-directed, David Koepp-written Jurassic Park sequel began filming this week in the beautiful fishing village of Ban Ba Kan, Thailand, and Thailand production is slated to continue from June 13th to July 16th. Also within the latest updates shared by Variety: this movie will be “a completely fresh take launching a new Jurassic era, following three adults and three teens getting stuck on the Island.” Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Bailey, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Mahershala Ali, Rupert Friend, Luna Blaise, David Iacano, and Audrina Miranda are set to star.

  • Thailand filming locations also include Bangkok, Trang, Phang Nga, Ao Phang Nga National Park around Koh Tapu, Koh Song and Koh Naka, Phuket, Khlong Rut, Chiang Mai, Huai Waterfall, Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, Koh Kradan, Emerald Cave, Chao Mai Beach, and Trang Province.
  • Production will then move to Malta between July and September, facilitated by Latina Productions and Malta Film Studios.
  • Sky Studios Elstree studio filming in the UK will follow through the presumed production wrap in October.

Thanks hugely to Reel News Hawaii and other locals, we have multiple looks at production base camp and the settings in which Jurassic World 4 will be filming in Thailand – including what looks like ancient ruins in an island setting!

Producer Frank Marshall also shared photos from Thailand as he joined the production:

The next Jurassic World film is happening as we speak! How excited are you for this movie? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more news.

An Exclusive Jurassic Park: Survival Update from IGN

The upcoming video game Jurassic Park: Survival is in active development, and this week IGN got an exclusive look at the game and unveiled some brand new concept art and in-game screenshots! Their exclusive reveal also included new information about the game plus some hints at the plot, characters, dinosaurs and a whole lot more.

A summary of the new information shared by IGN:

  • Jurassic Park: Survival will unfortunately not be released in 2024
  • Brand new locations will feature that weren’t seen in the original movie
  • Maya Joshi won’t be the only character in this game
  • There is a chance that non-movie dinosaurs will feature
  • Jurassic Park is Universal’s “most requested game”

With many a tease leading up to Summer Game Fest, Jurassic Park: Survival was expected to make an appearance – with most of us assuming a new trailer would play during the Xbox portion of the event. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be, but thanks to an IGN exclusive on the anniversary of Jurassic Park’s release, we have a new behind-the-scenes look at the game.

Included within the update was concept art that shows us new areas of the island that we might be able to explore. Also included were some new in-game screenshots – a first for this title. It’s important to mention that concept art doesn’t confirm it will appear in the game, but it’s a pretty good sign that it might.

The first piece of concept art shows us an InGen building marked A1, a sort-of bunker and the Communications tower on Isla Nublar. A Jurassic Park staff jeep is parked outside, the doors wide open. A beautiful rainy night captures the island we know so perfectly, this must be the night of the storm…

You might recognize this building as the one from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! It’s the radio tower bunker that was first featured in that movie. The structure itself – built on Kualoa Ranch in Oahu – was part of the original Jurassic Park, but repurposed by Jurassic World staff to track the islands’ dinosaurs.

What we are now seeing is that same – or what we assume is the same – dilapidated radio tower, but back in its prime at Jurassic Park in 1993. This is pretty damn cool and for fans of Fallen Kingdom, an awesome way to connect the two movies.

Next up is an even cooler piece that will resonate with most fans: Maya Joshi rushing down the river in a yellow dinghy being pursued by two raptors.

A scene originally planned for the first movie and similar to moments in the first novel featuring Dr. Grant, Tim, and Lex navigating down the river while being pursued by a T. rex. The scene never made it to production but Jurassic Park: Survival represents the perfect opportunity to bring it to life. Just the thought of having to navigate a boat of some kind down this river while being pursued by the escaped dinosaurs of Jurassic Park is very exciting.

IGN also shared a few in-game screenshots from the Alpha stage of development.

We see the tropical jungle of Nublar and a stealthily approaching T. rex, three Velociraptors stalking in the night, seemingly as a pack, and then something different – the theatre. The rotating theatre from Jurassic Park in which multiple John Hammonds and Mr. DNA explain InGen’s miracle of dinosaur cloning.

We knew as much but now we see it, in-game: We will be able to walk through the Visitors Center’s many buildings and attractions. This is a fantastic aspect of this game, and is something fans have wanted since the movie was released!

These updates didn’t make everyone happy – the anticipation for a new trailer was real, but this establishes something important. The game might not be as far along as we all thought, and that is okay. More time for the game to be the best it can be is a good thing.

But the game still looks promising, and is still promising to deliver all of the things that Jurassic fans have wanted for a long time, as IGN details in their article.

While there is a lot to unpack, the information they’ve shared is all positive and it’s hard not to remain excited. We wish they could have confirmed whether or not the game will be open world, but either way it sounds like survival will be the key, as the name implies. Here’s hoping Alien: Isolation is an inspiration for them.

Saber has a lot to live up to with how long for this type of Jurassic Park game to come to fruition, and they surely understand that. That being said, let’s not push and let’s not force them in any way to rush because this game deserves the time to develop correctly. Wherever they are in the development phase right now, the first trailer holds a lot of promises for what Survival is going to be. It makes sense that the development is still going to take a while. The game will not be out in 2024, that much we know. It’s more than likely now going to be late 2025 or sometime in 2026.

But we’ll have plenty of new Jurassic to consume between now and then!

This tease from IGN was awesome, and as much as it feels like a bit of a response to the lack of appearance at Game Fest, it’s exciting just to hear and see more about the game! It’s in development, it’s on track, and it’s looking great!

Sort of brings to mind the kind of updates we got for… Jurassic Park: Survival… back in the day…

How excited are you to play this video game and what did you think about this update? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more news!

Prop Collector Discovers Shot From A Deleted Moment In Jurassic Park

Today, a piece of film history has been unearthed. ‘Jurassic Park’ may be over 30 years old, but we are still discovering pieces of its past.

Mark Bushey, a prop collector who specializes in horror film artifacts, came across an amazing find from eBay.

“[It is an] S-Test — Publicity Stills for Jurassic Park, dated March 02, 1993. Unlike 35mm trailers, this is not a trailer and there is no audio track anywhere on the film and the images appear horizontal, rather than vertical like traditional trailers.”

While on the surface this strange find looks like it is merely stills from the film that we have all seen before, there is one image that stands out from the rest. I will say in advance to please NOT share the following images without giving credit to Mark Bushey. He has given us permission to use them for this article. And just to clarify, he does not have the scene itself, only the still image via the reel amongst the other still images:

The still image is from a scene/shot that was cut from ‘Jurassic Park,’ a fun moment during the arrival of the park’s guests on the island. Grant mistakes a Brachiosaurus leg for a tree trunk, which then suddenly moves. Following that we get the full reveal of the majestic animal, as shown in the final film. This brief moment was storyboarded and depicted in David Koepp’s script, but it was unknown if it was shot or had completed ILM VFX. Now, we now know both were true.

In my opinion, I can actually see why this shot was cut. While ILM’s Brachiosaurus looks amazing for its time, the dinosaur’s leg doesn’t quite match the trees as well as it was depicted in John Bell‘s storyboards (as seen above, thanks to Astrid Vega). It is possible that Spielberg later cut this moment since it’s not as effective as originally envisioned, but something he wouldn’t have known for sure until the final shot was realized.

Rick Carter’s Jurassic Park depicts an early version of the sequence with the storyboards and an older script.

Given that these stills were dated March of 1993, months before its June release, there is a wonder if a slightly longer cut of the film did exist at one point that included these completed moments. For years, some fans have touted seeing a longer cut (specifically in the UK by people like Jamie Arnold) during the beginning of its theatrical run. Stills of other cut scenes have been found over the years, but so far the only footage we have ever seen of one is in the film’s trailer: Ellie Sattler grabbing a leaf on their way to the Brachiosaurus. But this new Brachiosaur leg image is the first time we have seen a deleted moment that had completed VFX.

While Mark is ecstatic with his incredibly rare find, he is willing to consider parting with it for the right price. If interested, contact him through his Facebook page.

(Special thanks to Jiří Alpharaptor Schön for pointing out this amazing find!)

Will we ever see an extended cut of ‘Jurassic Park?’ Will other stills of deleted scenes, or footage, find their way online in the meantime? What do you think of this newly-discovered Brachiosaur leg shot? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned to Jurassic Outpost for the latest news about the past and future!

Audrina Miranda Cast in Jurassic World 4

Joining the ensemble Jurassic World 4 cast with Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Bailey, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Rupert Friend, Mahershala Ali, Luna Blaise, and David Iacono is child actor Audrina Miranda, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Miranda began her career in dance performance, working with top choreographers and on projects with Nickelodeon, Dancing With the Stars and NBC’s Lopez vs Lopez. Jurassic media is certainly known for its child characters, so it will be exciting to see how this cast is realized in the story.

What do you think of the latest casting news, and what do you think the story will be? Let us know in the comments! Directed by Gareth Edwards, Jurassic World 4 hits theaters July 2, 2025.

Jurassic World Evolution 3 Coming from Frontier

In May, Frontier Developments announced that it signed a license with Universal Products & Experiences for a third Jurassic World Evolution game, which is expected to be released sometime between 2025 and 2026.

The hit Jurassic World Evolution series allows gamers, across multiple platforms, to realize their own parks filled with prehistoric species. The original Jurassic World Evolution was released in 2018, accompanying the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that year and Jurassic World Evolution 2 was released several months before Jurassic World Dominion in the fall of 2022 and is still releasing DLC and updates currently. With the [currently scheduled] release of “Jurassic World 4″ for July 2nd of 2025, the timing fits for Frontier to release a new installment in their park builder series.

There has been no word on what additions, enhancements, or changes will be in this new JWE game yet. The most recent DLC and Update for JWE2, the Park Managers pack (which included species such as Microceratus, Segisaurus, and the Megalodon) was released on May 16th, 2024. It is not known if this will be the last major update/DLC yet for JWE2 while Frontier switches gears towards production on the new game.

Are you excited for a third Jurassic World Evolution game? What changes or additions do you want to see? What species or skins are you expecting? We want to know! Sound off in the comments below.

Walking with Dinosaurs to Return in 2025 with All-New Series

BBC Studios recently announced that they are co-producing an all-new Walking with Dinosaurs series with ZDF and France Télévisions, for the BBC and PBS stations.

From the official press release:

In an exciting reimagining of one of the BBC’s best loved factual shows, each episode of Walking with Dinosaurs will tell the dramatic story of an individual dinosaur whose remains are currently being unearthed by the world’s leading dinosaur hunters. Thanks to cutting-edge science, experts can reveal how these prehistoric creatures lived, hunted, fought and died more accurately than ever before. As the dinosaur’s bones emerge from the ground, the series will bring these prehistoric stories to life with state-of-the-art visual effects – making each episode a gripping dinosaur drama based on the very latest evidence.

The original Walking with Dinosaurs series, which debuted in 1999, mixed digital and practical effects to showcase dinosaurs (and other animals that lived during the Mesozoic) in natural environments and with [at the time] up-to-date scientific knowledge. The six-part series was record-breaking, and due to its popularity, it spawned several spin-off series and specials, such as Allosaurus: A Walking with Dinosaurs Special, Walking with Beasts and Sea Monsters. There was also a very successful Walking With Dinosaurs arena show (produced by Creature Technology Company, who are also responsible for the animatronics used for a plethora of Jurassic projects such as Jurassic World Live Tour!, Jurassic World The Exhibition, and Jurassic World Adventure at Universal Bejing,) and one unfortunately unsuccessful movie attempt in 2013.

The new Walking with series will span six episodes and audiences can expect to meet many different prehistoric species in an array of Mesozoic landscapes. These include a Spinosaurus roaming the rivers of ancient Morocco; Cretaceous favorites of North America; and a lonely Lusotitan risking it all for a chance at love in Portugal. Scientific consultants, such as Dr. Thomas Holtz, have also given hints as to how the series will be structured:

Watch the teaser for the all-new series, and let us know in the comments if you’re excited about the new series and what you hope to see!

David Iacono Joins the Growing Cast of Jurassic World 4

Jurassic World 4 will roar into theaters next year on July 2, 2025, and its cast continues to grow. Director Gareth Edwards’ Jurassic story is gaining characters with David Iacono joining the cast list, reported today by The Hollywood Reporter:

Iacono is known for his work and appearances in The Flight Attendant, Dead Boy Detectives, and The Summer I Turned Pretty, and is also set to appear in Jennifer Esposito’s directorial debut Fresh Kills. He confirmed the news via Instagram:

What do you think about David Iacono being a part of Jurassic World 4? Let us know in the comments, and follow Jurassic Outpost for all the latest news!