Colin Trevorrow Teases a Jurassic Sized Reunion For Jurassic World 3

If there is one thing the Jurassic franchise has drilled into our skulls, it’s that “life finds a way.” In 2021, Jurassic World 3 might just find a way to bring new life to some of our old favorite characters. In a recent interview with MTV, Colin Trevorrow hinted at a return of some classic characters like Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler.

Trevorrow spoke a little about the return of Ian Malcolm in Fallen Kingdom, saying “We felt like this was [Ian] Malcolm’s return, this was his moment…let him have his moment.” He followed up with some comments on whether or not we would see appearance from other classic characters, explaining “I feel that way about everyone, especially Laura [Dern] in that she never got to have her own movie. That, I identified as being something that’s important. And this moment with Goldblum, because he had this very clear set of ethical questions that he was able to pose for everybody, we just wanted to put the spotlight on him [Goldblum].”

It seems pretty clear that Trevorrow has strong feelings about the old characters, Dr. Sattler especially. When MTV asked him if he thought it would be unfair to fans if the original characters did not make some sort of return, he simply stated “I totally agree with that. I would feel robbed too, yeah.” With Jurassic World 3 still three years away, that is probably about as clear of a confirmation as we’re going to get. The video of the full interview can be seen below.

While Dr. Sattler and Dr. Grant seem to be at the top of every fan’s list for a return to the franchise, another classic character has been popping up in the spotlight in some Jurassic circles. Ariana Richards, who played Lex Murphy in the original Jurassic Park, has been making the rounds lately. Richards attended the Hollywood premiere of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on June 12, 2018. She also was spotted raptor wrangling with the Blue animatronic and riding the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. At this point, all we can do is speculate as to whether this is just coincidence, promotion for Fallen Kingdom, or a hint at the return of Lex Murphy. Richards, now 38, has a thriving art business so only time will tell if a return to the big screen is in the cards for her.

What role do you think Lex could play in the world as it was left at the end of Fallen Kingdom? What other characters would you like to see return to Jurassic World 3? As always, sound off in the comments below.

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Jurassic World themed cafes pop up in Japan for a limited time

Japan is the last country where Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom will be released, on July 13th. Via Bloody Disgusting, to help celebrate the film’s release, Jurassic World themed cafes are being opened for a limited run in Tokyo and Osaka and are selling Jurassic World inspired food.

The Japanese website Natalie brings the limited time pop-up cafe to our attention this week, and they note that it’s open from July 5th to August 6th in Tokyo at Ikebukuro Parco, and from August 10th to September 30th in Osaka at Shinsaibashi Open in 161.

The fully Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom-inspired menu includes items such as “Mososaurus Soda,” “Volcano Curry,” “Jurassic World Burger” and even dinosaur cupcakes!

Make sure to visit the website Natalie for a full gallery of some of the food items being offered at these cafes.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

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Check Out This Explosive New ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Concept Art!

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has roared its way into theaters worldwide, and is topping the current box office charts. While most here have likely seen the film, perhaps more than once, there is still plenty of new content to look forward to from the movie. Perhaps one of the most exciting things is the chance to see the concept art, which shaped the final look of the film over the many years of pre-production.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have some exciting new pieces of art, showcasing beautiful early or alternate versions of iconic scenes from the film! Check them out below:

While this piece of art has been shared before, now that it’s available in HD one thing is for certain: that isn’t Justice Smith in there with Claire. Perhaps this was an earlier attempt at drawing Franklin before he was cast – however, I have another theory. Recently Colin Trevorrow said he humored that Lowery’s character be in the film, and later replaced him with Franklin. Could this art reflect a version where Jake Johnson’s fan favorite character was set to return?

This shot showcases the bunker before trouble breaks out, and lava rains down. While it may have simply been an exploratory piece, it does seem to imply we might have spent more moments with Franklin and Claire as they killed time and helped Owen from afar. One of the things Fallen Kingdom was lacking in my opinion was slower character driven moments to pace things out, but perhaps this art indicates they did exist.

This shot is reflective of the scene where the movie pulls a Dues Rex Machina, with the Tyrannosaurus playing hero and killing the Carnotaurus before it attacks Owen and the others. It seems earlier ideas featured less of a fight, and more a hunting sequence while lava and destruction flowed around. The abundance of lava with the fiery red sky is beautiful, and something I would have loved to see the final film explore.

A shot straight from the trailer, but the dead dinosaur in the right corner was replaced with an Ankylosaur. Sadly, that dead Ankylosaur was cut from the final film, as were most of the corpses, bones, and destroyed gyrospheres which can be spotted in behind the scenes pictures and footage.

The parks ruins – a beautiful piece art, which was almost exactly translated into the scene in the final film.

The very same Ford Explorer from Jurassic Park sits nestled beneath the tree it fell over 25 years prior. In the final film, the tree itself is no longer present, and it seems the vehicles location has shifted over the years. EW reveals a similar scene was almost in Jurassic World, but replaced by the visitors center.

The inside of Lockwood’s mansion, with its beautiful dinosaur displays. EW reveals that the dinosaurs in the diorama are indeed stuffed taxidermy animals, and not statues, meaning they are all early InGen creations. This is a huge expansion of the Jurassic lore, and raises some very interesting opportunities in the future.

A shot almost directly reflected in the film, from the first 5 minutes. The intention was to play with dramatic lighting, and keep the Tyrannosaurus Rex in and out of the shadows, setting the impactful and suspenseful tone.

All the art above is only a microscopic look at the troves of concepts waiting to be shared and uncovered from Fallen Kingdom – with any luck the artists, Blu-ray, and perhaps even an art book will reveal more in time! What’s your favorite piece of art, and are there any rumored cut scenes you would like to see concepts from? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for the latest news!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

New 1/6 scale ‘Jurassic World’ Blue statue from Prime 1 Studio Now Available to Pre-order!

In a press release sent to us from Chronicle Collectibles, Prime 1 Studio’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 1/6 scale Blue statue is now available for pre-order on their website.

“When Prime 1 showed off a tease of their Blue statue just a few short weeks ago, fans across the United States and around the world have been desperate to order it. As the official licensee for the Jurassic World franchise in North America and other select territories, we are pleased to announce we’ve worked out a distribution deal for this piece and several more from Prime 1 Studio. We certainly want the fan community to have as much access as possible to high-end Jurassic Park and Jurassic World collectibles and this Blue statue is a prime example.” – Robert Davis, Social Media & Events Outreach

The artist behind this project was Steve Jubinville, modeling Lead/Asset Supervisor of Industrial Light & Magic for the Jurassic World franchise. Fans can expect the product to be the most movie accurate you will ever find in this scale. This 1/6 Scale Blue statue measures approximately 16 inches tall and 26 inches wide and is based on one of the iconic scenes. Fans should get ready to own such a memorable character from this summer’s hottest blockbuster!

Both the Regular and Exclusive versions of this statue are available for pre-order. The key differences between these two versions is that the Exclusive version is a very limited run and includes a gold-colored Baby Blue 1/6 statue.

Measuring 16 inches tall and 26 inches wide, the regular version is priced at $699 and the exclusive version with the 4 inch Antique Gold Baby Blue is priced at $749. The statue is eligible for Chronicle’s interest-free payment plans and is estimated to ship in the 4th Quarter of 2019.

Pre-order Now!

Prime 1 is a top studio when it comes to collectibles, and their entry to Jurassic is nothing but great news. They’ve already teased numerous upcoming statues on their Instagram, so be prepared to spare no expense.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

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‘Jurassic World: The Evolution of Claire’ Review – the Universe Expands with This Exciting Prequel Novel!

Releasing in stores and online today, the Jurassic World Universe officially expands with ‘The Evolution of Claire’ – a prequel novel following Claire Dearing during her first months on Isla Nublar.

The Evolution of Claire is a Young Adult novel set within the Jurassic universe by author Tess Sharpe (Barbed Wire Heart, Far From You), and is her first foray into licensed fiction. The story is a personal journey for Claire, written in the first person perspective, overflowing with adventure, spunk, and mystery – the content is wholly Jurassic, while the tone and style embraces its young adult audience.

The story opens with Claire Dearing in 2004 at age 19 returning back home after her first year at college. We’re rapidly introduced to a very different Claire from the films, though she is equally motivated with a clear sense of confidence and decisiveness. She’s not eager to spend much time at home, and is driven to strike out her own life, however she is clearly close with her parents, her sister Karen, and nephew Zach.

Her personal motivations contrast to that of her business focused mind in World: her interests are political, with the goal of championing animal rights. She’s not just interested in their rights from afar, but is an animal lover with a pet lizard and dog, and has a history of becoming involved with the welfare of animals around her. She’s an optimist, believing there is always a morally better option, and it should be the one taken.

It’s soon revealed Claire’s animal interests go deeper than just typical extant animals, and she like many others is deeply enamored by dinosaurs. This is only furthered by the infamous San Diego incident, which revealed to her and the world that the prehistoric creatures existed once again. So when she’s offered an internship by the renowned Masrani Global corporation to spend her summer working at the not yet open Jurassic World – a place shrouded in so much mystery furthered by Simon Masrani’s eccentric marketing that Willy Wonka would be jealous – she of course jumps at the chance.

Claire is galvanized. An internship with one of the most influential individuals and corporations in the world is perhaps the window of opportunity to fortify a position of power in a cutthroat world. She knows how important money is in politics, and is eager to make her dreams a reality for the betterment of animals.

As Claire journeys to Isla Nublar alongside numerous interns of similar ages, she is thrust into a personal journey of growth, camaraderie, and independence. Her challenges involve impressing her hosts at the park, making new friends with her peers, dealing with romantic inclinations, and dealing with the occasional condescending bigot who tries to devalue her and her female peers simply due to their sex. Not to mentions dealing with dinosaurs – from distressed young Triceratops, overly playful Brachiosaurs, and of course, it wouldn’t be Jurassic Park without a Velociraptor.

Tess Sharpe introduces Claire and readers to the nuanced inner workings of Jurassic World, made more complex by the fact the park remains under construction. Claire’s intern duties range from shoveling dino-dung, enthusiastically going hands on with the wild dinos, to working in the Hammond Creation Lab itself alongside the one and only Dr. Henry Wu. Dr. Wu is one of the highlights of the novel, a supporting character who is as intriguing as he can be stern. Dr. Wu is not a villain by a long-shot, but rather a complex and intelligent character who helps shape and inspire Claire during her stay on the island. This surprisingly fleshed out development of Wu makes his seemingly one dimensional villain like portrayal in the World films all the more curious – could his motivations in the films be less sinister than we’re led to believe? This book fully cements that there is more to his story, as while his large hubris remains in tact, he also seems to have a strong moral compass.

Further, Simon Masrani himself features in the novel, and takes a personal interest in Claire’s education and career path. While he is his entirely eccentric and optimistic self, we’re also given a closer look at his capitalistic side, and are given glimpses into how far he is willing to go to bring his dinosaur park and John Hammond’s dream to life. With Claire’s noble steerings, she internally finds herself at odds with many of the choices the park management makes on a day to day basis – the very types of choices we see her making in the 2015 film.

Her internship at Jurassic World goes beyond its intended strains, as she becomes fully engrossed in a rumor of conspiracy and cover up which unravels around her the further she digs. In true Jurassic fashion, hardship is bred from greed, moral boundaries are crossed for a multitude of reasons, eventually leading to the inevitable end: chaos.

As the novel often says: Jurassic World is a place of contradictions, and it is perhaps that very concept which makes the more endearing Dr. Wu, colder Simon Masrani, and adventurous Claire Dearing all the more fascinating. These characters are as complex and unpredictable as the quickly evolving world around them. Control vs chaos, nature vs technology, human idealism vs realism all play out in a sandbox of science and occasional teen drama.

While the young adult leanings of the novel may be more prevalent than some older fans would like, the book naturally finds its place in the Jurassic world. Claire is a strong female character and role model for fans of all ages, and this novel is a much needed reminder: dinosaurs aren’t just for boys. It’s rare to find a large licensed property such as Jurassic so ready and willing to embrace a prevalent female perspective, and Tess Sharpe fully utilize this opportunity to create something unique, relevant, and needed.

The book is engrossing, valid and believable – my largest (small) critique being the interns were allowed to video call their families unmonitored – considering no real footage had leaked from the park, and secrecy was an important and required ingredient prior to the parks opening, this stood out to me. Coupled with the fact that the interns were so young, it’s amazing that no footage hit the world during the events of the novel.

The story itself is a complete arc, neatly revolving around a mystery that furthers Claire’s growth. By the end of the novel, which takes place over a few short months, Claire is changed – however she is not yet the Claire from Jurassic World. There are 10 years of stories and growth that lead her there, and this novel fully leaves room for future installments – and leaves some threads open, pointing to another book on the horizon.

For the canon connoisseurs, this novel is an absolute delight. (Mild spoilers ahead:) It digs into the science of Jurassic World, explaining its enhanced flora growth, prehistoric plants, and dinosaurs nutritional science. We learn that much of the technology of the park is proprietary and groundbreaking, and Masrani Global is working closely without outside sources to enable their use in medical and military applications (such as the Gyrospheres unique and nearly indestructible composition, or organically synthesized fusion bandages).

Though Claire never ventures to Site B, Isla Sorna is alive and kicking in the novel, as dinosaurs are occasionally transported from the island to the park on Isla Nublar. During the events of this novel, all dinosaurs in the park are survivors from Hammond’s time, born or created on Nublar or Sorna during the Jurassic Park era. The entirety of Sorna’s fate is left open, and Claire even comments that Masrani Global is more secretive about that island than Nublar (perhaps a hint there is more to Sorna’s story even now). While the lab is hard at work to create new animals, it seems they’re taking their time, in no hurry to introduce animals unfit for the soon to open resort.

This is perhaps influenced by a medical mystery that has begun to effect some of the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar, forcing the lab to take precautions to prevent the mystery ailment from spreading. This approach involves injecting medication directly into developing eggs, including strong doses of steroids, and I can’t help but muse if that’s why Jurassic World’s dinosaurs seem stumpier and angrier than their Park and real world counterparts.

There is one inconsistency with the lore: all the dinosaurs in the book are referred to as female, however as we know, life found a way. The Park era dinosaurs were both sexes despite the attempted population control, and were breeding on both islands. Perhaps the female terminology was a liberty taken by World staff, referring to them all as female, or an misnomer cultivated by a simple misunderstanding by the some employees that they were in fact female, despite being both sexes. Colin Trevorrow recently took to Twitter recently to further clarify that the dinosaurs of Jurassic World are both male and female, and other forms of population control were enforced.

Considering the novel never unequivocally states all the dinosaurs are female with evidence, this contradiction can be easily explained away in a multitude of ways, and it never undermines the story at play. The only real hiccup that is objectively wrong is the Velociraptor on the cover, a red eyed male of the second subspecies found on Sorna. The novel definitively states the raptor is a female, and has yellow eyes: this would be the female subspecies introduced in Jurassic Park 3, as the classic female variant has green eyes, its male counterpart yellow. This is not a fault of the novel, but rather a small canonical stumble on the part of the otherwise phenomenal jacket art adorning the book.

At nearly 1500 words I’ve barely scratched the surface of what ‘The Evolution of Claire’ has to offer in its 32 chapters spread over 390 pages. Tess Sharpe has smartly crafted an adventure within the Jurassic universe, brought a new life to Claire Dearing, and reawakened the possibilities held within a page, something we haven’t had since Michael Crichton wrote the original novels from which the first two Park films were created. Stories told in novel form is ingrained into the DNA of Jurassic, and this new chapter brings the story to life in excellent form.

No matter your age or interest, I can happily recommend the book, which is a fun and unique romp within a whole new Jurassic World. I hope to read more from Tess in the future, and fully believe this proves the potential for other stories within the growing expanded universe.

The Evolution of Claire is available in stores now at retailers such as Amazon and Target – be sure to pick up your copy today, and sound off in the comments below with your thoughts! As always, stay tuned for everything Jurassic – including our upcoming deep dive interview with the author herself!

News Roundup: ‘Evolution’ Sees ‘Fallen Kingdom’ Update + Chronicle Debut 1:1 Scale Raptor Hatchling

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has now exploded onto cinema screens around the world, and the news surrounding the franchise isn’t showing any signs of slowing down!

In an effort to round up just some of that news, I wanted to compile these two news stories together as they both relate to part of the expanded universe/merchandise that sits alongside the movies themselves.

First up is the brand new update to the video game Jurassic World: Evolution. To compliment the US release of Fallen Kingdom, the developers have released a free DLC pack which added six dinosaurs to the dig sites, along with character bios and a wealth of fixes and improvements.

The press release details the new additions:

Added new dinosaurs with unlocks from Fallen Kingdom film:
Indoraptor, Baryonyx, Stygimoloch, Carnotaurus, Allosaurus, Sinoceratops

Added new dig sites to support new dinosaurs:
Smokejack Clay Pit, Surrey, UK, La Colonia Formation, Chubut Province, Argentina, Xingezhuang Formation, Shandong, China, Updated some existing dig sites for the new dinosaurs

Added new character bios and unlocks to the InGen database:
Iris Carroll, Benjamin Lockwood, Franklin Webb, Maisie Lockwood, Zia Rodriguezo, Eli Mills, Ken Wheatley, Gunnar Eversoll

Fixes and Improvements
Various stability fixes
Various performance improvements
Localisation updates and text fixes
Controller layout screens added
Animation improvements
Audio additions
4×4 AI improvements
Various hit check and pathing improvements
Dinosaur ragdoll enhancements
Dinosaurs will now fight on steeper slopes
Various UI fixes and improvements
Fixed helicopters falling out of the sky on loading
Fix for Dinosaurs stuck in panicked and terrorising states
Contracts now show the correct progress
General contract fixes
Helicopters now try their best to avoid monorails
Dinosaurs try to avoid fighting underwater
Dinosaur Ingen DB Bio fixes
Prevention of medicating dead dinosaurs
Logo added to the red ranger vehicle

The new hybrid that Dr. Wu created, the IndoRaptor, is now available to breed at your park – but judging by the movie itself, perhaps this is not such a great idea? You can find more information on the free DLC from the Frontier team here, and if you haven’t seen it, check out our interview with some of the team behind the game:

Next up is Chronicle Collectables latest debut, the 1:1 scale model of the Baby Velociraptor Hatchling as seen in Jurassic Park! Chronicle have been ensuring fans have numerous ways to show their appreciation and love for Jurassic Park’s 25th Anniversary this year, and $250 collectable might be the perfect piece to complete your collection.

This beautiful officially licensed piece was crafted and modeled after the scene in the movie, and measures 11″ in height with a 6″ diameter on the base. As with every piece from Chronicle, various payment plans are available for this item and the pre-orders are now open at!

“The magic of that scene with the hatching baby velociraptor in Jurassic Park remains even after all these years. It’s been great fun to recreate this piece for fans and it’s something that’s never been done before.” – Paul Francis, Creative Director

The item is expected to ship in the second quarter of 2019.

Hopefully you’ve now seen Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in cinemas and if so, we would love to hear what you thought! Join many other fans in sharing your personal review of the movie in our reactions article where spoilers are of course allowed. Come and join the discussion!

Source: Frontier Developments, Chronicle Collectibles

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom explodes to $150 million opening weekend

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom exploded to a massive domestic opening of an estimated $150 million, final actual weekend numbers will be released tomorrow. While it didn’t reach the the same level of Jurassic World’s opening of $208.8 million in 2015, which was the opening weekend record at the time, this is still a huge opening weekend. Jurassic World was a perfect storm of a 14 year build up, nostalgia and a functioning park, so no one should have expected Fallen Kingdom to surpass those numbers. This is the fourth biggest opening weekend of 2018, behind Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther and Incredibles 2.

The estimated $150 million hits the high end of the initial tracking that saw the film grossing $130-150 million. Also, this opening is Universal Pictures second biggest domestic opening ever after Jurassic World in 2015. Fallen Kingdom just topped 2015’s Furious 7 opening of $147.2 million.

The film also continues to do huge overseas as the film took it’s international total to $561.5 million. With the domestic opening of $150 million, it’s worldwide estimated total is $711.5 million. Fallen Kingdom is well on it’s way to the billion dollar club.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: Box Office Mojo, Box Office Pro

‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Releases WORLDWIDE – Share Your Reviews Here!

At long last J.A. Bayona’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has released worldwide and fans across the world can now openly discuss their thoughts on the fifth entry into the Jurassic Park franchise.

We asked on our social feeds how you were celebrating the release – whether you were dressing up, hosting a Fallen Kingdom themed party, or just seeing it with your friends and family, and we were overwhelmed with the responses to our hashtag #MyFallenKingdom!

Check out some of the wonderful responses below!

And some of our own Jurassic Outpost team:

We loved all of your responses and one thing is clear – the love for Jurassic is huge!

The follow-up to 2015’s Jurassic World has been met with mixed reviews and while there is a lot of love to be given for the sequel, the movie has torn audiences and has landed a 50% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 253 reviews.

The audience score is slightly higher at 62%, but comparing it to Jurassic World’s score shows the love for sequels is not boundless.

But what do YOU think? Share your reviews in the comments section below and discuss your thoughts on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom with others! Please be sure to stay respectful to other people’s thoughts and opinions on the movie.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom scores $15.3 million in domestic Thursday previews

The Park is gone, but the money is still there for the Jurassic franchise. Ahead of its official June 22nd release domestically, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom grossed $15.3 million from Thursday night previews. Early tracking indicated the film was headed to a $130-$150 million three day domestic opening, please check back on Sunday for the official three day estimates.

Universal and Amblin’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom stomped into North American theaters Thursday night, earning a promising $15.3 million in previews. As expected, that’s behind the $18.5 million earned in previews by Jurassic World (2015) but is still a good number on its own. Thursday night’s gross was on par with last summer’s Spider-Man: Homecoming ($15.4 million), and ahead of the more recent Solo: A Star Wars Story ($14.1 million).

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Almost Featured Dilophosaurus but Don’t Expect the Deleted Scenes to Be Released

Hold on to your butts.

At long last, ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ will roar into US theaters and most other remaining major territories. After making its overseas debut over two weeks ago, fans have been eager to avoid spoilers and see the film firsthand, finally joining the conversation with those across the pond. To commemorate and promote the release, the cast and filmmakers have been continuing their rounds doing interviews with various outlets to talk about the film.

Speaking to Collider, Fallen Kingdom director JA Bayona shared some interesting information about the latest Jurassic Park sequel – most tantalizing was that it almost included a much requested fan favorite dinosaur. Collider’s Steve Weintraub prompted the question by bringing up the Mattel toys and how they featured dinosaurs not from the film, asking if any were almost included, in which Bayona responded with the following:

“Uhh – there was a scene with like a couple of Dilophosaurus, and we – we cut that scene. So we cut the Dilophosaurus from the movie in the end.”

Intriguingly, a scene with Dilophosaurus was not part of the shooting script, nor were any sequences shot during principal photography as far as I know. I’m uncertain if the scene in question was cut before filming even began, or if it was a late addition much like another sequence in the film featuring two dinosaurs fighting in the middle of the film. I would typically default to saying hopefully the release of the Blu-ray will answer these questions, but the interview with Collider goes on to say it is very unlikely.

When asked how long the first cut of the film was, JA responded that it landed around 2 hours and 45 minutes, corroborating what Daniella Pineda recently revealed in an interview. Some of this footage can be glimpsed in trailers and featurettes, though JA Bayona says that nothing very meaningful was cut – perhaps implying it was simply establishing shots, scene extensions, or inserts, and not major sequences nor character moments. The film itself certainly doesn’t need more action, in fact I believe it could do with a little less, and those cut scenes could have provided some much needed characterization and breathing room.

Whatever the cut scenes may have included, don’t expect the Blu-ray to reveal their secrets. Sadly JA Bayona confirmed that it was decided not to include them in the home entertainment release:

“We talked about it, and I think that because, with the – there was nothing really meaningful out of the film that we decided not to put deleted scenes in the Blu-ray.”

While the Blu-ray won’t include deleted scenes, I’m hopeful it dives deep into the making of the film, featuring long extended looks at the hard work that went into bringing this Jurassic World to life. The Blu-ray for 2015’s film felt lacking in deeper content, putting the focus on YouTube ready bite size features, rather than the material the fans want – but thankfully fans made their voices (and money) heard, and I’m optimistic this one will deliver where the last did not.

Circling back, while the Dilophosaurus may not have made the cut for Jurassic World 2, I feel confident we’ll finally see this beautiful but deadly dinosaur return in Jurassic World 3. It just has to, doesn’t it?

Sound off and let us know if you wish the Dilo was in Fallen Kingdom, and what you hope to see on the Blu-ray release this fall – and as always, stay tuned for everything Jurassic.

Be sure to give the full interview a watch at Collider