Jurassic World 4 Begins Filming in Thailand Ahead of Four Month Global Production Schedule

Filming has begun on the next installment of the Jurassic World franchise! The Gareth Edwards-directed, David Koepp-written Jurassic Park sequel began filming this week in the beautiful fishing village of Ban Ba Kan, Thailand, and Thailand production is slated to continue from June 13th to July 16th. Also within the latest updates shared by Variety: this movie will be “a completely fresh take launching a new Jurassic era, following three adults and three teens getting stuck on the Island.” Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Bailey, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Mahershala Ali, Rupert Friend, Luna Blaise, David Iacano, and Audrina Miranda are set to star.

  • Thailand filming locations also include Bangkok, Trang, Phang Nga, Ao Phang Nga National Park around Koh Tapu, Koh Song and Koh Naka, Phuket, Khlong Rut, Chiang Mai, Huai Waterfall, Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, Koh Kradan, Emerald Cave, Chao Mai Beach, and Trang Province.
  • Production will then move to Malta between July and September, facilitated by Latina Productions and Malta Film Studios.
  • Sky Studios Elstree studio filming in the UK will follow through the presumed production wrap in October.

Thanks hugely to Reel News Hawaii and other locals, we have multiple looks at production base camp and the settings in which Jurassic World 4 will be filming in Thailand – including what looks like ancient ruins in an island setting!

Producer Frank Marshall also shared photos from Thailand as he joined the production:

The next Jurassic World film is happening as we speak! How excited are you for this movie? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for more news.

Audrina Miranda Cast in Jurassic World 4

Joining the ensemble Jurassic World 4 cast with Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Bailey, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Rupert Friend, Mahershala Ali, Luna Blaise, and David Iacono is child actor Audrina Miranda, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Miranda began her career in dance performance, working with top choreographers and on projects with Nickelodeon, Dancing With the Stars and NBC’s Lopez vs Lopez. Jurassic media is certainly known for its child characters, so it will be exciting to see how this cast is realized in the story.

What do you think of the latest casting news, and what do you think the story will be? Let us know in the comments! Directed by Gareth Edwards, Jurassic World 4 hits theaters July 2, 2025.

David Iacono Joins the Growing Cast of Jurassic World 4

Jurassic World 4 will roar into theaters next year on July 2, 2025, and its cast continues to grow. Director Gareth Edwards’ Jurassic story is gaining characters with David Iacono joining the cast list, reported today by The Hollywood Reporter:

Iacono is known for his work and appearances in The Flight Attendant, Dead Boy Detectives, and The Summer I Turned Pretty, and is also set to appear in Jennifer Esposito’s directorial debut Fresh Kills. He confirmed the news via Instagram:

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Mahershala Ali and Luna Blaise In Talks for Key Roles In Jurassic World 4

The casting news for Gareth Edwards’ upcoming Jurassic World 4 continues to roll in: Actors Mahershala Ali and Luna Blaise are in talks for key roles in the film according to The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline Hollywood!

Mahershala Ali and Luna Blaise are both talented dramatic actors who have been a part of numerous interesting projects. Ali is perhaps best known for Moonlight and True Detective, and has also recently starred in Leave the World Behind and the Spider-Verse series. Blaise is best known for her work in the television series Manifest as well as her work in Fresh Off The Boat and Memoria.

Blaise shared the news via her instagram account:

What are your thoughts about the latest casting news, and who do you think these characters will be in the next Jurassic? Let us know in the comments!

Rupert Friend Joins Jurassic World 4 in Starring Role

The cast for Gareth Edwards’ upcoming Jurassic film is starting to come together! According to The Hollywood Reporter, British actor Rupert Friend is joining Jurassic World 4 to star alongside Scarlett Johansson, Jonathan Bailey, and Manuel Garcia-Rulfo.

Rupert Friend is an accomplished actor who has starred recently in Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City as well as the Obi-Wan Kenobi series on Disney+. He’s also known for his roles in Hitman: Agent 47 and Pride & Prejudice.

The cast of the next Jurassic film is shaping up to be quite solid. What are your thoughts on this casting and the cast as a whole? Let us know in the comments!

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and John Mathieson Join Jurassic World 4

The upcoming Jurassic World sequel – slated to release July 2, 2025 – continues to add to its roster of production talent! Lincoln Lawyer and Magnificent Seven actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is joining the film in a lead role alongside Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Bailey. Plus, cinematographer John Mathieson, of Gladiator and Logan acclaim, has boarded to shoot the film, which begins production next month in Thailand.

This news was first reported by Deadline, who shared:

New ‘Jurassic World’ Movie At Universal And Amblin Sets Manuel Garcia-Rulfo In Leading Role

Following his breakout role in Netflix’s The Lincoln LawyerManuel Garcia-Rulfo is looking to go from defending clients to evading dinosaurs. He is in negotiations to join Universal and Amblin Entertainment’s new Jurassic World movie. Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Bailey are also set to star. Gareth Edwards will direct.

While this will mark Garcia-Rulfo’s biggest film role, he has been busy on the TV front in recent years starting with the Amazon TV show Goliath, which starred Billy Bob Thornton. He went on to land the starring role in Netflix and David E. Kelley’s Lincoln Lawyer, with the third season airing later this year.

On the film side, Garcia-Rulfo will next be seen leading Netflix’s Spanish-language film Pedro Páramo. Based on the seminal Mexican novel by Juan Rulfo, the film adaptation is directed by cinematographer Roberto Prieto making his directorial debut. Other Garcia-Rulfo film credits include A Man Called Otto6 UndergroundSicario: Day of the SoldadoMurder of the Orient Express and The Magnificent Seven.

He is repped by WME, Ilene Feldman Management, Genuine Artists and Gang, Tyre, Ramer, Brown & Passman. 

John Mathieson confirmed the news of his sign-on to Jurassic World 4 via his Independent Talent representation and credit listings.

For the full breakdown of this news and more and all the latest in the world of Jurassic, check out our latest video below!

David Leitch Addresses His Departure from Jurassic World 4

On this the day of our lord Ryan Gosling (and the release day of his new film The Fall Guy) director David Leitch has addressed his involvement in and departure from the upcoming Jurassic World 4. On the latest episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Leitch and his producing partner Kelly McCormick discussed filmmaking in general as well as their conversations towards being attached to the 2025 dinosaur movie. You can listen to the full episode below:

Contrary to prior reporting, Leitch described their side of the situation as ultimately lacking the creative control he and his partner feel they have earned, saying:

“To be asked to be in those worlds, you want to always take the conversation seriously. And I think, you know, we are creative and can find our ways into a lot of things. So it was a really great conversation to have, and like, to be in talks with Steven (Spielberg) and Frank (Marshall) about that franchise that’s so dear to us. It was really a beautiful time.

Ultimately, you have to do what’s best for the movie at hand and do what’s best for you as an artist to make sure that you could make the same movie and you could do it with the parameters that you needed to do. And at some point, we just said, you know… We wanted to give that answer quickly because they have to go make this movie that everyone’s excited to see.

I believe we’ve earned this position… We’re able to choose the movies we want to make and we want to make sure we can have the creative freedom to make those movies the way we need to make them.”

The pair also said that they felt they were “finally acknowledged in the business” when Spielberg approached them and feel “so fortunate” to have spent time with the director of Jurassic Park, who is producing the upcoming film. 

Leitch also expressed admiration for Jurassic World 4’s new director Gareth Edwards, saying he had “love and respect” for the “brilliant” filmmaker.

It’s certainly interesting that further comments have even arisen on this situation. All press is good press? Have we dodged a bullet train? What would the David Leitch-directed Jurassic World 4 have been like?

What do you think? Let us know below, and stay tuned to Jurassic Outpost.

Images courtesy of Yahoo.

Malta Is Back For ‘Jurassic World 4,’ But Not In The Way You Think

Do you remember the last time you saw a dinosaur? Well, for Jurassic fans, it was officially back in 2022 when ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ roared into theaters. In 2025, we’ll all get our next chance to see our beloved dinosaurs from the franchise (and likely new ones) making their way to theater screens once again. However, the film still hasn’t even been shot yet! Strong rumors and scoops point to (Jurassic) June being the start of filming for the Gareth Edwards-helmed project. Sky Studios and Thailand are confirmed locations for ‘Jurassic World 4’ (unofficial title), as well as Malta. In a new article today from Times of Malta, the country has expanded upon just how it will likely be used in the latest Jurassic film.

“The production has booked almost all facilities at the Malta Film Studios in Kalkara this summer and is set to shoot bet­ween July and September, multiple film industry sources told Times of Malta. The world-renowned franchise will only film part of its latest movie in Malta and there are no shoots scheduled on location.”

What’s interesting about this reveal is that while ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ filmed on-location in Malta for its entertaining middle portion of the film (which included exteriors for the ‘dinosaur black market’ and the famous, or infamous, chase scene between Chris Pratt and a pack of Atrociraptors), it never used any of its studios or facilities. The reveal of the new entry in the series not including any “on location” shoots is also quite revealing, as this possibly nixes any theory of returning to Malta’s locations from ‘Dominion.’ This also puzzles us further as to whether the new film really is a sequel, a prequel, or something in-between. In that case, why shoot at Malta’s facilities at all when they already are shooting in facilities at Sky Studios?

The Malta Film Studios offers, among other facilities, two infinite-horizon water tanks that film productions generally use for large-scale sound effects and underwater shooting.”

Well, the article reveals the possible answer for that, too. “Water tanks.” Big ones. The filmmakers must have known of them from when they filmed ‘Dominion’ and remembered for this film. Does this spell a return for the popular Mosasaur, as featured in the ‘Jurassic World’ trilogy? It is also possible we are getting an entirely new prehistoric sea reptile, such as a Plesiosaur. Or there could just be an intense sequence in the water without any dinosaur or prehistoric creature at all (but that would certainly be a missed opportunity). We’ll just have to wait and see.

There is still so much we don’t know about the new film from director Gareth Edwards and screenwriter David Koepp! It still hasn’t even been officially confirmed that star Scarlett Johanson is truly in the film (although the safety of that rumor is pretty much guaranteed at this point). What we do know is that all of us are excited to find out on July 2nd, 2025!

Are you intrigued by this news? Do you still think we’ll see any of the Malta locations from ‘Dominion?’ Will the mosasaur make a return? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to Jurassic Outpost for the latest!

Jonathan Bailey Circling Lead Role in Jurassic World 4

British actor Jonathan Bailey is casting his British eyes on the upcoming British movie Jurassic World 4. Deadline is reporting that the British Bridgerton star may have found his next role in the upcoming Jurassic Park sequel alongside Scarlett Johansson – who also now appears to be confirmed.

The actor is British and filming will be taking place in Britain, as well as Thailand and Malta!

Bailey has strong ties with Universal as he is set to appear in its anticipated Wicked adaptation. The studio is high on the project after making it the big reveal during its CinemaCon presentation, and sources they were high on his performance following the shoot.

On top of Wicked, Bailey is also coming off Fellow Travelers. The limited series also starred Matt Bomer and earned Bailey a Critics Choice Award for his work, making him a frontrunner in the Emmy race.

British born director Gareth Edwards is helming the picture and filming is expected to take place June – October of this year, with the release date July 2nd 2025 set in stone.

What do you make of this casting and what kind of role would you like him to play? Other names rumored to be in talks are Colman Domingo, Dev Patel, and Nicholas Hoult. Those names come from DanielRPK and were not reported by Deadline.

RUMOR: Dev Patel in talks for role in Jurassic World 4

According to industry writer/influencer Daniel Richtman, British actor and filmmaker Dev Patel is in talks for a role in the next Jurassic movie, Jurassic World 4!

(Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)

The actor began his career in the British teen drama Skins and made his film debut with director Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire.

Dev has had a prolific career since, most recently directing and starring in the highly praised Monkey Man.

While we cannot verify this information, the rumor itself is exciting. An actor of his caliber taking on a Jurassic is just what we need.

Share your thoughts below!

(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)