LEGO Releases “Choose Your Own Adventure” Jurassic World Short Film

As the countdown to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom gets ever shorter, LEGO has joined the number of companies releasing new promotional material for the film, dropping a new set of “choose your own adventure” videos themed around the film!

The child-friendly videos simplify the basic plot of the new film, revolving around Owen Grady and his quest to “Rescue Blue”, before the volcano on Isla Nublar erupts and disaster strikes. Viewers are given the option of making various decisions for Owen, whether it’s which mode of transportation to use to escape a dinosaur or how to get off the island, all leading up to the final conclusion.

Screenshot from “Rescue Blue”, the first short in the adventure series.

The adventures come in thirty to sixty second increments, with each choice either leading to disaster – like crashing a truck or getting shot in the foot with a dart gun – or continuing the story on to its conclusion. But don’t worry; if you choose the disastrous option, the ends of each video allow you to remedy your choice to continue the adventure. No use of the “previous page” button necessary!

The videos also feature Claire and new Fallen Kingdom character Franklin (as played by Justice Smith) in non-speaking roles, along with several recognizable dinos, including a carnotaurus and dilophosaurus!

Counting the disastrous options, the “short film” is split into seven videos, totaling about five minutes and thirty seconds, and all are available to view on LEGO’s YouTube channel. Check out the first one below, and take your own adventure!

(Source: LEGO YouTube)