“Jurassic World” Attraction to Replace Jurassic Park: The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood!

The rumors are true – the Jurassic Park river adventure attraction, beloved by many at both Universal Studios Hollywood and its sister park, Universal Studios Orlando, will be leaving the original park this fall. Replacing it? A brand new Jurassic World attraction!

Universal Studios Hollywood announced the departure of the original ride on the Twitter on May 10th, with a short video saying that “extinction is coming”, but that, as we all know, “life finds a way”. The video, featuring promotional clips from Jurassic Park: The Ride and footage of a CGI tyrannosaurus rex, detailed not only the closing of the original ride, but the opening of a brand new Jurassic World section of the park.

The video did not give any details about the Jurassic World attraction itself, but announced that it will be coming to Universal Studios Hollywood sometime in 2019. The Jurassic Park: River Adventure at Universal Studios Orlando will remain unchanged.

The official press release reveals that many new Jurassic World dinosaurs will make their debut in the new ride:

In 2019, face Indominus rex when she makes her world premiere in the new, high-tech Jurassic World. Journey to where living dinosaurs roam the earth in the part expedition, part heart-pounding water ride based on the blockbuster film franchise.

On this river-raft adventure, get doused as a colossal Mosasaursus dives for its great white shark snack. But the real danger lies ahead when the brutal Indominus rex escapes its enclosure. Be prepared when a 50-foot Tyrannosaurs rex comes to your rescue… right before your final plunge down a treacherous 84-foot waterfall.

And plan to experience the original Jurassic Park®- The Ride one final time before it becomes extinct on Sept. 3, 2018!

The last day of operation for Jurassic Park: The Ride will be September 3rd, 2018, so local folks, ride it while you can! And stay tuned to Jurassic Outpost for more updates in the future.

What do you think about this new Jurassic World attraction? Are you excited for it? Are you sad to see the original Jurassic Park attraction go? Let us know in the comments below!

IGN reveals Isla Tacano in exclusive Jurassic World: Evolution video

IGN has an exclusive look at Isla Tacano in the upcoming Jurassic World: Evolution game.

Isla Tacano is one of the five islands that make up the Muertes archipelago, alongside Isla Matanceros, Muerta, Pena and Sorna. The Jurassic World: Evolution website describes Isla Tacano as the following:

Isla Tacano is a tropical paradise and well suited for establishing your operations. The weather is generally idyllic, but it can occasionally be hit by servere storms and even twisters.

What are your thoughts about Isla Tacano being in Jurassic World: Evolution? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: IGN, Jurassic World: Evolution

New ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’ Tv Spot Spoils Huge Moment, but Looks Great


Again, I cannot stress this enough. This TV Spot includes what I can only presume are some big SPOILERS from the ending of the film.

Are you still with us? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

A brand new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom TV spot has made its debut online, and it looks great. Unfortunately, and I know I am beating a dead horse now, it spoils quite a large moment. I’m torn between earnest excitement, because the film and scene in question look incredible, and utter disappointment, as I wish I had the chance to discover it in theaters.

Check out the TV spot titled “Gone” below:

The TV spot does a better job selling the overall concept and tone of the film, and it really hammers the point home with that epic shot of the Tyrannosaurus Rex breaking into a zoo, and roaring at a lion. These two animals are both apex predators from different times, kings and queens of their domains, and it makes one jaw dropping visual.

Dinosaurs making to the mainland has been a theme that has been teases and forewarned in each of the films, with The Lost World taking it the furthest. This shot feels like the natural evolution of the concept, and the start of the end game teased in Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park novels with wild, breeding populations migrating to mainland Costa Rica.

Two more new TV Spots have also made their debut – check them out below:

This Summer, the Park is in the past. Welcome to a new era. Dinosaurs rule the earth once again.

June can’t come soon enough. Sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you think of the latest TV spot, or if you think this is one major spoiler too many.

Can You Survive Isla Nublar? ‘Jurassic Park: Danger’ Board Game is Out Now!

The T. rex, the Dilophosaurus and the Velociraptor are back! You can now play through your own adventure on Isla Nublar thanks to the new board game Jurassic Park: Danger!

With thanks to the wonderful people at Ravensburger we got the chance to play the upcoming board game and experience the fun adventures that Isla Nublar has to offer.

This is a 2-5 player game – one player will control the dinosaurs, the other player(s) controlling the humans from paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant to computer programmer Dennis Nedry. The synopsis for the game is as follows:

The first visitors have arrived at Jurassic Park to see its miraculous dinosaurs firsthand. But chaos has hit Isla Nublar – the power is out, and the prehistoric creatures are on the hunt! One player controls the T. Rex, Dilophosaurus, and Velociraptor, prowling through the jungle to attack the humans. The other players team up as characters from the classic movie, struggling to get Jurassic Park back online and escape the island before they become pray!

The board game itself forms Isla Nublar when pieced together, with surrounding borders, perimeter pieces and the central ‘Start’ piece. It includes a number of iconic locations on the island including the maintenance shed, control center and visitors center.


The goals for the dinosaurs and humans are different – if you’re playing as the dinosaurs then your aim is to eliminate 3 human characters to win. If you’re playing as the humans, you must work together to Activate the locations (the maintenance shed etc), achieve your character’s person goal to collect the goal token, and then make it to the helicopter!

There are 10 character’s from the original movie to play as and while many would choose the heroes of Jurassic Park, the villain or even the lawyer may be a wiser choice in certain situations. Each character can use their unique ‘free action’ that helps the team reach their objective, even Dennis Nedry! Ellie Sattler’s free action is called ‘Dino Droppings’ and when played, a character in the same place on the board can return TWO of their used cards back into their pile.


The dinosaurs themselves are (as expected) incredibly powerful and will do whatever they can to stop the human characters leaving the island. The dinosaurs intention is to stay ahead of the humans and block them from progression at any point they can, and with the additional ‘Free Actions’ they can play, there’s a strong chance the dinosaurs with come out on top!


The number of characters, cards and gameplay options mens the board game itself has a big replay value with variable strategies to win!

The design and artwork designed for this game show that the designers at Ravensburger are fans of the franchise and if you’re looking for a couple of hours of fun then this is worth picking up! Jurassic Park: Danger brings back all the nostalgia from the original film and provides a fun adventure for families and friends.


Jurassic Park: Danger is a game for ages 10 and up, can be played by 2-5 players and the designers give an estimated game time of 50 minutes. The game is retailing for $24.99 and is available exclusively at Target. Will you be playing the game? Let us know in the comments section below!

Saturday Night Live puts Jurassic World on trial in comedy sketch

NBC’s Saturday Night Live has lately been in a Jurassic mood, with a fake Jurassic Park audition sketch in March and last night when Jurassic World was taken to court following some deaths of visitors to the park.

Actor Donald Glover, who can be seen as the young Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story on May 25th was the host of last night’s Saturday Night Live episode.

In a sketch titled “Courtroom”, Glover plays a lawyer who is defending Jurassic World after an incident where park visitors were killed by dinosaurs. Unlike the Jurassic Park audition parody sketch, this sketch in this writer’s opinion was very funny and definitely worth checking out.

Check out the full sketch below.

What did you think of the comedy sketch? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on our forums.

Source: SNL

The Fallen Kingdom Tyrannosaurus Rex Animatronic Has NOT Been Replaced by CGI

Update – Colin Trevorrow has confirmed that the animatronic remains in the film!

Editors Note:

Shortly after the article was posted, the heavy influx of traffic caused Jurassic Outpost to go down.

As such, the discussion thereafter primarily stemmed from the articles title, and not the content within. I had the intention shortly after the article was published to make some small alterations to more clearly articulate why these controversial shots may exist, and that they may not represent the shots in the feature (something Marcus’ article already did).

Due the website going down, the revisions were not made possible until now, after Colin Trevorrow confirmed the animatronic shots remain in the film.

I’ve said this on my personal accounts many times, but my main concern with the apparent change wasn’t that it’s CG, but the fact that the new CG looks so bad and is an evolution from a shot that previously looked so good.

Obviously I’m a fan of animatronics, and when they’re used right, they look amazing and timeless. Sometimes they don’t look great though (Spinosaurus in JP3 looks quite robotic and fake for instance).

I’ve had no complaints about the Indoraptor animatronic being replaced by CG, because the CG looks incredible – something the article already pointed out.

Circling back to the Rex, if the previous shot was CG, and it looked great, I’d assume an old shot was mistakenly used. But you just don’t mistakenly render CG for a shot that was an animatronic prior, so this footage certainly is ‘new’ to an extent. However, it is possible the CGI variation was not made for the film.

As the new Rex CG is inconsistent with the quality displayed elsewhere, I theorized that this shot was not from the film, & is a weird promo remix where the Rex transitions into a shot not from the film but rather from a commercial, and it was mistakenly used here.

The CG overlay would make sense for ad consistency, so the Rex remained the same in all shots of the ad. As of now, it remains unclear if this a closer explanation for the footage, or if however unlikely, the animatronic nearly was replaced.

Due to the fact the website was down forcing the conversation around the articles first title only, and comments were spiraling out of control, I removed the original social media postings to better relay the facts, or lack thereof.

The point of a fan site is to facilitate discussion and highlight news that revolves around subjects fans are passionate about. While this typically is good news, it sometimes means subjects such as the original article will be featured. As the news became so sensationalized shortly after, I felt it was important to highlight these elements to better generate positive, healthy discussion inside these comments and elsewhere.

– Chris

Original Article:

We’re a month and a half away from the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. That means that the movie is either a wrap, or darn close. With this movie we are told to have dinos and animatronics aplenty. There has been one slight change, however. It appears as of the most recent Fallen Kingdom tv spot, Rexy has…changed?

Early trailers featured a beautiful up close and personal look at the Tyrannosaurus Rex animatronic, where shots were mostly practical with occasional CG touch ups. However, the most recent tv spot boasts an entirely CGI-ed Rexy, and it… does not look so great.

Check out the TV spot below:

Did you catch the changes? The trailer moves pretty fast, so we’ve grabbed them and made some handy gifs for comparison:

Every trailer and tv spot we’ve been shown, in my opinion, has shown off some fantastic animatronics and CG (with the exception of that shot of a snarling Blue). The Carnotaurus, stampede, and the Mosasaur look incredible. The CGI overhaul of the Rexy animatronic on the other hand, leaves me confused and disappointed.

This move leaves me wondering why an animatronic for Rexy was built in the first place. I am assuming that this may be the only shot in the film where it was to be used. So, if they are just going to essentially paint over it on a computer, why even make it? For Jurassic World, with some shots similar to this one, they had puppets made as a stand in, and then CG-ed over those. If the intent was always to replace the pratical effect with CGI, a more basic approach like that would have been taken.

What’s particularly frustrating is the new CGI doesn’t look good, at all – and sadly studios are known for sometimes replacing beautiful practical effects with rushed digital counterparts (See the Thing Thing 2011 and ADI’s involvement). The complaint isn’t that CG is being used, but rather the downgrade in terms of quality. In contrast, when they replaced the Indoraptor animatronic, the new CG was strikingly realistic:

Don’t get me wrong, I have faith that the movie is going to be jaw-dropping. Colin Trevorrow, JA Bayona and their team have shown us its potential. But I have to admit, this has me a little nervous. If we would have been shown this in December, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it. Today is May 6th. Here’s to hoping that this is just a stand in shot not meant for trailers, and the original animatronic shot still remains!

Sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you think of this apparent change.

‘Jurassic World 3’ Will Put the Focus Back on Real Dinosaurs Without Hybrid Creatures!

While ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom‘ doesn’t release until a few more weeks from now, news about the third film of the trilogy keeps roaring in.

In a recent issue of Total Film magazine cast and crew gave numerous interviews revealing much about the latest Jurassic Park sequel releasing this June. While speaking to Colin Trevorrow about the Indoraptor, a new hybrid creature that is custom designed to terrify audiences, Total Film asked about the status of hybrids in Jurassic World 3.

Colin did not shy away from sharing the answer many have wanted to hear:

[Colin Trevorrow promised] that the Indo will mark the last of the series’ hybrid beasts. “I’m looking forward to, in the third film, getting a little back into the Paleontological, wild animal, true dinosaur nature of all of it.”

This news comes as welcome surprise, and I couldn’t be happier to hear it. While the Indominus Rex proved to be an entertaining creature with a great abelisaurid inspired design, and the Indoraptor looks intriguingly frightening, returning the focus to the real animals of the fossil record brings my interest back to a level it hasn’t been in ages. There was always something magical about knowing that the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park represented real, majestic animals of the past, albeit with some artistic liberty, and that is something the World films have strayed further away from.

The Jurassic franchise is of course fictional, yet it is often a valuable tool for spreading paleontological information, and can be a fun learning and development aide in the scientific fields. This cross of potential ‘learning’ and entertainment is one of the Jurassic franchises many unique and valuable staples, as it offers a genuine abundance of fact alongside fiction. To better embrace this, keeping the animals and their behaviors provided as accurate as possible while still providing a fun cinematic journey will lead further momentum and ownership of this unique niche.

Sauropods fighting by Paleoartist Mark Witton

Paleontologists will be the first to remind you that the actual fossil record is teeming with untapped cinematic potential, and filmmakers just need to use their hammer and chisel to dig a little deeper to find the real world prehistoric animals needed to tell the stories they want. Something I have wanted to see join the Jurassic films would be a true quadrupedal carnivore (Postosuchus or Dimetrodon?) – it’s true that would mean a prehistoric reptile and not a dinosaur, yet that’s nothing new as we already have Pteranodons and the Mosasaurus, neither of which are dinosaurs.

Circling back to the specific topic of Jurassic sequels, growing up one of the elements I looked most forward to in upcoming films was the mystery of ‘what new dinosaurs will they add this time?’. I’d often find myself deeply invested in dinosaur related media, looking for the perfect hypothetical prehistoric animal to chase, terrify, or awe the heroes on their upcoming journey. When Jurassic Park 3 introduced the Spinosaurus, it sparked a widespread new interest in that dinosaur, and of course, the debate of whether the real world animal really could kill a Tyrannosaurus Rex (they couldn’t).

This was made extra magical as a child, when my imagination was overwhelmed with the excited daydreams of what life was like when dinosaurs ruled the earth, fueled further by those animals returning from extinction so realistically in the Jurassic films.

This promised return to form for Jurassic World 3 isn’t alone, as recently Colin Trevorrow stated the film would return to Jurassic Park’s techno-thriller roots:

“I would say Jurassic World was an action adventure, Fallen Kingdom is kind of a horror suspense film, and Jurassic World 3 will be a science thriller in the same way that Jurassic Park was.”

One thing is for certain: everything about the final chapter of the Jurassic World trilogy is sounding great on paper. Jurassic World 3 is set to be released on June 11, 2021. In addition to directing the film, Colin Trevorrow will write the script with Emily Carmichael based off a story by Trevorrow and Derek Connolly.

John Hammond’s dream realized in its purest form

Are you excited about this promised return to form, with a focus on real world dinosaurs, and what dinosaurs do you hope to see JW3? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for the latest news!

Source: Total Film Magazine – on sale now!

Exclusive Zavvi Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Prints Available for Pre-Order This June!

UPDATE: The SECOND print is NOW AVAILABLE for pre-orders! Be sure to check out the poster here.

UPDATE: The first print is NOW LIVE for pre-orders! This is a timed sale, so be sure to get in there quick!

It’s been twenty-five years since Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece was unveiled to the world, and that means it’s a year for celebration! Online retailer Zavvi have announced their latest exclusive items: officially licensed Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary art prints!

Celebrating the magic and wonder of the first Jurassic Park, these beautiful art prints will be limited edition and were crafted by artists Sam Gilbey and Chris Christodoulou. They give us a new look at key scenes in the original 1993 movie – the Brachiosaurus encounter and the T. rex breakout!

Measuring in at 16×24 inches and retailing at only £30, these prints are not to be missed! Each item will be hand numbered and signed by the artist themselves.

In addition to the print, a certificate of authenticity is provided by Universal Pictures.

The Brachiosaur print by Sam Gilbey will be available for pre-order on June 5th, and the T. rex Breakout print by Chris Christodoulou going live the following month on July 16th!

This year has already seen some wonderful Jurassic Park products released for fans to enjoy and with the addition of these new art prints, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more as we move through the year. Be sure to check back as we will update this post with the pre-order links.

And don’t forget, Universal Pictures are hosting a celebration event at the Universal Studios Hollywood park NEXT WEEK! Tickets for the first two nights have sold out but due to the popular demand an additional evening has been added – find all the info and book tickets by clicking the image below!

Go Behind the Scenes with Chris Pratt in New Fallen Kingdom ‘Jurassic Journals’ (Updated)

The are less than 50 days to go until ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom‘ is released in US theaters, and even fewer for other countries!

To celebrate the countdown until the film erupts into cinemas, the official Jurassic World accounts will share new ‘Jurassic Journals‘ from the latest film every ‘Throwback Thursday‘. The very first episode focuses on Justice Smith who plays Franklin and Danilla Pineda who plays Zia, both members of the Dinosaur Protection Group, being interviewed by Chris Pratt about their first experience with Jurassic Park.

Check out the fun video below!

The video itself is shot on an airfield in London, which will apparently double for a landing strip on Isla Nublar, a location previous films have yet to explore! While it’s entirely spoiler free, it’s a fun glimpse behind the scenes at the making of Fallen Kingdom. As the Jurassic Journals continue, expect them to show more revealing and exciting materials – perhaps an animatronic-centric episode?

Either way, we’re excited!

Update! A second video has made its debut today as well, showcasing just how they make Owen Grady so dirty on the set of Fallen Kingdom. Check it out below:

What are you looking forward to most from the upcoming Jurassic World sequel, and will you be watching all the behind the scenes featurettes? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for the latest news!

LEGO Releases “Choose Your Own Adventure” Jurassic World Short Film

As the countdown to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom gets ever shorter, LEGO has joined the number of companies releasing new promotional material for the film, dropping a new set of “choose your own adventure” videos themed around the film!

The child-friendly videos simplify the basic plot of the new film, revolving around Owen Grady and his quest to “Rescue Blue”, before the volcano on Isla Nublar erupts and disaster strikes. Viewers are given the option of making various decisions for Owen, whether it’s which mode of transportation to use to escape a dinosaur or how to get off the island, all leading up to the final conclusion.

Screenshot from “Rescue Blue”, the first short in the adventure series.

The adventures come in thirty to sixty second increments, with each choice either leading to disaster – like crashing a truck or getting shot in the foot with a dart gun – or continuing the story on to its conclusion. But don’t worry; if you choose the disastrous option, the ends of each video allow you to remedy your choice to continue the adventure. No use of the “previous page” button necessary!

The videos also feature Claire and new Fallen Kingdom character Franklin (as played by Justice Smith) in non-speaking roles, along with several recognizable dinos, including a carnotaurus and dilophosaurus!

Counting the disastrous options, the “short film” is split into seven videos, totaling about five minutes and thirty seconds, and all are available to view on LEGO’s YouTube channel. Check out the first one below, and take your own adventure!

(Source: LEGO YouTube)